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Posted Mar 06, 2013 in: iOS app update - 3.0.2
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  • canscot
  • Posted: Mar 06, 2013
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Would love to post a crash report but it won't stay open long enough. Instant crash every time.

Posted by Jake:
[quote]We have not yet been able to reproduce the iPad crashing problem, so we haven't found a solution yet. We would really appreciate more data. If your iPad is crashing, please follow these directions to submit a crash report to us via a support ticket so that we can find out what is happening.

The power of Toodledo (and it's weakness) is its configurability. With so many settings, there are too many combinations of settings for us to be able to test every combination. It must be some combination of settings that we didn't test with. Sorry for the inconvenience.[/quote][/quote]

Posted Jan 10, 2013 in: Toodledo for iOS downgraded
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  • canscot
  • Posted: Jan 10, 2013
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I have to include a strong vote in favour of the new design. I had got tired of the old interface and its inherent clunkiness and started using Apple's reminders for location alerts etc. Eventually I started moving everything across.

With the new design, the improvements were such that I started moving everything back. I will not be "updating" to the old interface again.

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