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Feature Reqest: Add Task Multiple Contexts/Folders


Posted: Dec 05, 2008
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I couldn't find this feature anywhere....

Add a task to multiple contexts i.e.

Look for widget- @Target, @Grocery, @Wal-Mart, @Google/Online

This would add "Look for widget" to each context and would remind you to look for widget when you are in the specified context (or folder, for those that use them).

I need this functionality for my job and it would be useful for other situations as well.


Toodledo Admin
Posted: Dec 05, 2008
Score: 0

You cannot currently add multiple contexts to the same task, but you can add multiple tags, so you might want to switch and start using that.

Hope that helps.

Posted: Dec 06, 2008
Score: 0

I'd like to see such a feature added, too. I'd like to be able to assign multiple contexts to a task, for instance, work and home, so that when I'm looking under each of those contexts, a task that I can complete either at work or at home would show up. I'd be willing to upgrade to a pro subscription for the privilege.

Posted: Dec 06, 2008
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What would be nice is if we had the option to set groups of context so that we could add tasks to every context in that group....kind of like distribution lists in outlook...you send one email to a group and inside of that group is ten people that the email is sent to.

Tags are nice but not easy to manage on 300-400 tasks...unless someone has a suggestion of how they use tags?

@Rachel, the PRO is worth more than just this feature IMHO, I would encourage you to dig into the program to see the benefit.

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