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Posted: Sep 07, 2011
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I'm just switching over from Remember the Milk because changes in our corporate firewall have broken it for me. So far, Toodledo is working pretty well for me (I've used it on and off before). One feature I really liked in RTM that I'm missing, though, is a Postpone button. I like the ability to select tasks and hit one button and have them postponed for a day. The info on the task also told me how many times I'd postponed that task.

I've worked around not having this feature by creatinging a saved search for overdue items and then using multi-edit to change the date. It's just not as smooth though, especially as, in RTM, you can select items and edit them in groups without going into a separate search screen.

By the way, I love the new interface!

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Sep 07, 2011
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Thanks for the suggestion. We can't comment on a timeframe for implementation, but this is on our to-do list.

Posted: Sep 07, 2011
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You must have an amaziningly long To Do list! ;-)

Posted: Sep 07, 2011
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Last time I saw, they had 1600 items on the task list.
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