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Daily costum planner


Posted: Oct 03, 2011
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I'm an ex RTM user. I'm learning to enjoy TD
(Second post already)

I'm trying to figure out a way to organize my tasks everyday.

At the moment I use the star function to select the tasks which I need to work on at a specific day.

is there a way to organize the tasks in a costum order? (not by an automated sort) so that I could sort the tasks by myself?

I thought on using "tags" or "start time" for that purpose, but it's not that elegant solution and a change in schedule might require a drastic change in all the daily tasks.

Which brings me to my primary question: Is it possible to costumize the tasks in my own order?



Posted: Oct 03, 2011
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You can sort them by a million things but you can only customize the order of subtasks (Pro feature).
Folke X

Posted: Oct 03, 2011
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Correct, you cannot drag and drop the order, but what you can do is select a sorting order that makes sense. When a list is sorted, certain divider bars appear in the list, and you can use these for your "optical navigation". You should also use saved searches (corresponds to RTM's smart lists), because by getting rid of everything you do not want to see opens new avenues for how you might want to sort your list.

Persionally, I use the Status field as my main control field, and I usually have my lists sorted by Status, Star, Priority. Through the saved searches my lists are usually heavily filtered, i.e. everything on them is things I want to see, which means I can sort them in all kinds of orders without risking any "junk" floating up to the top, no matter how I sort them.

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Posted: Oct 04, 2011
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