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The "WAIT" button on the iPhone app takes too long!

Big Fred

Posted: Jun 09, 2012
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I have a question regarding the iPhone app.

After I sync, the app requires me to wait like 30-40 seconds before I can sync again. Why does the app require me to wait so long before syncing again?

The issue is illustrated in the graphic below. Look in the upper righthand corner. See the "WAIT" button? See the frown on my face? (Well, you can imagine it. Ha!)


Toodledo Admin
Posted: Jun 09, 2012
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This is to prevent overloading our servers. There should be no need to sync more frequently than once a minute.
Big Fred

Posted: Jun 11, 2012
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Good point. Thanks.
John Haney

Posted: Nov 02, 2012
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I also was wondering about why the Wait button takes a while to clear. Thanks Jake for the explanation. John

Posted: Nov 03, 2012
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Why even bother with manually syncing? Assuming you have a multi-tasking device (3G and up), all you need to do is have "Sync on Start/Quit" enabled. You can add the option of "Sync on Edit". (I don't) Both of these settings appear to override the minute limit, and syncing is fast & very robust. It saves a bunch of unnecessary tapping, and you'll never have to frown at the Wait button again.
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