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iPhone not syncing deleted task

Big Fred

Posted: May 28, 2014
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I am having the problem of my iPhone is not syncing deleted task when a task is deleted from the web. After I delete a task on the web it will be removed from the web app and my iPad, but it will stay in my iPhone and show as a overdue task. Anyone else have this problem and a possible solution ?

Posted: May 29, 2014
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I had a similar problem and found this item:


I hope that helps.

Posted: Jun 02, 2014
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This has just happened to me earlier today. Yesterday, I deleted a Toodledo task somewhere (I no longer remember where exactly). Today, when I opened the Toodledo app on my iPhone, the deleted task showed up there as "Overdue". The task was only present in the Toodledo app on my iPhone, not on the iPad or on the website. So, I had to delete it manually from the iPhone, again. (I didn't have the time or inclination to perform a full-fledged re-sync from the site just for the sake of one straggling deleted task left over there, and I can only hope this bug doesn't occur too frequently.)

This message was edited Jun 02, 2014.
Sabina A.

Toodledo Moderator
Posted: Jun 03, 2014
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We're sorry for the inconvenience. We're working on fixing this bug.

Posted: Jun 21, 2014
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Not only I am seeing deleted tasks on my iphone after syncing w toodledo, I'm also not seeing all my folders on my iphone"

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Jun 23, 2014
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Can you please create a support ticket for this so that we can look into your account and see what the problem is?


Posted: 6 days ago
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I'm still having the problem identified by Big Fred on 5.28.14. Has this been addressed since Sabina's post on 6.3.14? Thx

Toodledo Admin
Posted: 5 days ago
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It should be fixed. Can you open a support ticket and include some details about what is happening to you?
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