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ProPlus Subscription Expiry


Posted: Nov 08, 2008
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Could someone from the ToodleDo team help please?

I signed up last Monday (3rd November) for a 7 day trial on the Pro account.

Just found out today (Saturday 8th) that it had expired (5 or 6 days later depending on your counting method).

I've now paid up for the ProPlus account but want to know how long a year is? I know I won't be reminded when the account expires and want to diarise it. So when will my account expire? Is it something I can look up on my account settings? Many thanks.

Posted: Nov 08, 2008
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if you look on the web page in the upper left, just under the Toodledo logo, you should see 'Welcome, username' and just below that it should say 'Pro Subscription'. Click on that and you'll see a box on that page that tells you how long your subscription is.


Toodledo Admin
Posted: Nov 08, 2008
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Yes, you can view your expiration date by following the directions above. A year is 365 days or 366 days in a leapyear.

Posted: Nov 09, 2008
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Thanks guys - it's now in my list!
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