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Posted: Jun 23, 2009
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Don't know if this is old but I have taken to placing my specific action first in the description and using all caps...

EMAIL Joe about meeting
CALL Tom about ...
MEET Mary about...

then when I scan the list it jumps out at me.

Posted: Jun 23, 2009
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I do that for subtasks as you write. For my parent tasks
I start them with a + sign so if I see them without their subtasks I know immediately that there is "more"; visually I do not find the TD icon for Parent and for Subtask to be a great visual clue as the two icons have about the same gray scale value.
I put the parent in CAPS so that it stands out in display.

Posted: Jun 25, 2009
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Good suggestions.

I make all my Parent task a -negative priority so they all show in the bottom of my main action list. I also use a context called Project, but it's really not needed since I also use a TAG for all task related to a project and the parent task has the same TAG.

ie. My database project uses "Database" tag for parent task and sub task.

I think I currently have several ways to filter what is a parent task of a project and I am in the process of making it more simple. In fact, based on lite1's response to a question I had with context, I may stop using them all together.

This message was edited Jun 25, 2009.

Posted: Jul 02, 2009
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A few weeks later, here's where I'm at...

I constantly get the inbox to zero. I haven't come to the point where I can accumulate, focus on tasks alone, and go back to inbox. BUT, I am much more comfortable now than I was in terms of knowing that I capture everything and am better at getting the tasks done even though I don't work it perfectly. I continue to establish a set of conventions for my tasks and use all caps with these first words...

GET = Find when on the road
FIND = Locate at desk or phone, generally listings and locations
EMAIL = Send via email from desk
CREATE = Create what is needed, generally from desk (vs. Get on road)
CALL = Phone call
BUY = Buy needed item from desk or on the road
PRIORITY = Priority meeting
WAIT = Wait for next action from other party
TOUR = Property tour of any kind
ADD = Add some item to identified place within Task
MAIL = Snail mail
READ = read
GTD = GTD related item
LEARN = learn something identified within Task
SCAN = Scan

They are easily searchable for me. I am also getting used to placing clients within different projects as necessary. With Clear Context, I was much more difficult and I was pre-programmed to avoid that. I still use clear context to file emails, and click to followup emails as a backup to Toodledo (it's very easy).

If anybody has comments/feedback/suggestions to improve my organization and task conventions above please share. I am feeling good about the changes to my systems and look forward to the day I stop spending too much time working on the systems. I also use Joe's Goal's as a list of recurring tasks (i.e., checking Toodledo!)

Thanks in advance for feedback and expert advice.

Jon P.
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