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Idea for future development of Toodledo


Posted: Jun 04, 2010
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Not sure if this is the right forum, but I had a thought for the future development of Toodledo...

I have been using a website called "Joe's Goals" for a couple years now and it has been instrumental in keeping me on track with some goals. The thing that I find most motivating is being able to "keep score" of how I am performing which leads me to my idea for Toodledo.

If toodledo could implement a scoring system into task management, then the end user could see how they have performed over a week, month, year, etc. If the end user has assigned a length of time for a specific task, like 10 minutes, then once that task is complete you register 10 points. That was one way of thinking about scoring, but I am sure you could use a combination of priority, time, importance, etc.

If you wanted to implement a social aspect to it (which I am not sure how I feel about yet), then you could allow people to have their scores visible to other Toodledo users. It almost makes you accountable in the public eye if you have been slacking off.

Just a thought. Keep up the great work and thanks for a great product.
Andrew A

Posted: Jun 04, 2010
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I think that is the intent of the "goal chains" that goals have associated with them. The more tasks you complete associated with the goal on various day, the more links you have associated with that goal.

Not saying this is as good or better than you idea, just that the foundation for something similar has been thought of, but could use improvement.


Posted: Jun 04, 2010
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Thanks Andrew. I never got around to investing the time in setting up the goals, but this looks interesting and something I will try out.
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