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Payin for Toodledo


Posted: Jan 22, 2010
Score: 2

I am a relative new user of TD and am truly impressed with its capabilities. Like many here, I have tried a thousand systems before coming home to TD.
Reading the forums I get the impression that this is a very small company if not a one man band. This concerns me because now that I found the best system for me, I want it to last a long time and to continue to improve. For this to be the case, I would guess it has to be a profitable venture. This is why I selfishly hope that every person who is using this program regularly has become a pro user. Specially considering the extremely low cost of doing so (about 4 pennies a day?)
Even with every user signing up for a pro account at such a low price I wonder how sustainable it is. Is this concern well founded? Any thoughts?

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Vin Thomas

Posted: Jan 22, 2010
Score: -1

Remember the Milk is another successful task manager with several staff members. They seem to survive with a fairly low cost as well ($25/yr).

I think Toodledo will do fine. Especially if they can figure out a way to impress the masses (new UI, cough, cough).

Posted: Jan 22, 2010
Score: 2

I just signed up for pro user. I've spent just 30 minutes adding my tasks and already feel a weight lifted off my shoulders (really, my head) now that I've taken this step.

Posted: Jan 28, 2010
Score: -1

Toodledo seems to be in pretty good shape. They're keeping up with the feature upgrades very well for the company size, and I think the growing userbase will help keep things afloat.

I signed up for Pro the same day I started to use Toodledo, and haven't regretted it once. I get the sense that most users at least upgrade to Pro. The jump in features is significant and the cost isn't. :)

Posted: Jan 30, 2010
Score: 1

The value at Toodledo is simply greatest for an online task manager. At Remember the Milk, the biggest competitor, you are paying $25 a month for access to use RTM on your phone. THAT'S IT. No updates. No communication. Just look at their "ideas" forum and see how old the "Subtasks" thread is.

Here you get a reply from the developer for even the smallest thing, AND he releases small, but regular updates. So I'm pretty sure they're doing well.

Posted: Jan 31, 2010
Score: 1

I appreciate the OP's sentiments and also want to see TD do well as a biz both selfishly buy more so because the service and responsiveness is great. The user group as represented on the forum to me has always been intelligent and helpful in sharing and cutting the learning curve of newbies. Many months ago when there was a power outage and problems with the server space that TD uses at a highly regarded service, Jake of TD was given lots of support and thanks for the transparent way in which he kept everyone informed. As far as I recall no one lost any data and virtually all users were very understanding and OK with the inconvenience that they experienced. TD extended many people's subscription by a month as a gesture of goodwill. At the same time many free users bought a Pro account to show support; and some like myself who were already a Pro account upgraded to Pro Plus even though I really have no use for that added feature. With that kind of give and take I certainly expect that TD will do well and join you in urging free users to consider upgrading to Pro as the benefits are substantial for a minimal investment.

Posted: Feb 04, 2010
Score: -1

TD is by far the most feature rich productivity web application out there. It's flexible enough to meet many different styles of productivity and It does a good job of working with GTD as well.

I was also a Pro member who upgraded to Pro Plus just to support Jake. So I truly hope TD continues to grow and improve.

I think once the UI is redone, TD will attract many more users. I know this for a fact because I have many friends who choose not to sign up because of the UI. I also have several friends who became Pro members.

I hope 2010 can bring a new UI somehow. :-)

Posted: Feb 15, 2010
Score: 1


I am a new user and have been testing RTM vs TD.
I must say ... So far I am impressed with all the features.
Except the UI.
But in general, this is a nice system which has much better support and response for all their clients, not just the payers.

Kudos to Toodledo ... i will be sending some cash in 7 days after my full eval is done, and I feel confident they will not spend money on sending a monkey to the Louve. (If you get that reference then post a reply)


Posted: Feb 17, 2010
Score: 1

Posted by richard:

I am a new user and have been testing RTM vs TD.
I must say ... So far I am impressed with all the features.
Except the UI.


Welcome Richard ... I tried RTM for a month and hated the attitude of the developer. Some excellent people on that forum but he level of frustration of serious users was palpable. What a breath of fresh air coming to TD. You'll find many here who migrated from RTM. Hope TD meets your needs.

Posted: Mar 08, 2010
Score: 2

Although I paid for few years of pro up front, and dove into it head first with 200+ task, I'm back to searching for a better alternative to toodledo, In the 5 month I've been here I've seen no update except some filter in the iPhone app that I find of little use, and a translation initiative, that make me think "Make in work at home before exporting"

It look like the whole project is now into Analysis paralysis mode. In the forum I've seen some 50 or more "Thanks for the suggestion ,,, This is on our todo list."


The product is priced right but I personally wouldn't mind paying 15 monthly for a better product Or a feeling that it's going to get better at some point.

A monthly newsletter with updates on progress, however small they are, would give me some hope.

Posted: Mar 09, 2010
Score: -1

Posted by Andrew:
The value at Toodledo is simply greatest for an online task manager. At Remember the Milk, the biggest competitor, you are paying $25 a month for access to use RTM on your phone...

Don't you mean 25 a YEAR? Look at this page:
Levi Wallach

Posted: Mar 23, 2010
Score: -1

Count me as one of those very frustrated (former) RTM users. I started using it 3+ years ago and we were asking for a few things, most notably subtasks. The only thing RTM seems to care about developing is new clients, browser add-ins, syncing tools, etc. They haven't updated anything in the actual core functioning of their service for almost 3 years, despite incredible amounts of user feedback. You can do a lot with the tool, but you have to basically build everything from the ground up, enforce all your tag-based system yourself without any kind of built-in fields, subtasks, etc. It was so much work managing each task to make sure the tags were set up right, it got in the way of efficiently adding and checking off tags for me. The attitude of the developer, too, was, IMO not very professional. They basically wined that we were being too demanding to actually ASK not even for new functionality, but for them to just commit to add a particular feature or two within a broad timeframe. No, this was too onerous and was putting pressure on them and they could never do such a thing. After a few years of waiting around, it was like waiting for Godot. Toodledo may not add new features every week, but there pace is supersonic compared to that of RTM!

Posted: Jul 26, 2010
Score: 2

Interesting read here. I just came back to TD after a long time with Things and a short attempt at RTM last year.

I like Things - it has a great feature set and the best interface in the biz. But CC's development team hate to be bothered by those pesky users who want help! And updates! And, worst of all, new features! Their forums have become rancid with the frustration of the power users, and, unfortunately, I've gotten sucked into the mayhem there more than a few times. It's just a very frustrating place to go. Can't really blame them, CC's been promising some sort of cloud for a year and a half! Hard to believe. And the only time the developers come to the forums is to defend their non-communication policy.

I tried out TD briefly over a year ago, but just plain didn't like the interface. I used RTM for a few months, but finally decided it was like my British sports cars back in the sixties. Drive, fix, drive, fix... forever. But the forums were a lot friendlier than CC's.

At my new boss' request, I tried to use GroupWise that is on our computers at work because we have a Novell network. GW is a very feature-rich, powerful PIM that is so convoluted, so complex, and totally unstable if you push it in the least, it falls apart. Drove me crazy with "ghost" appointments (multiple copies of repeating, emailed appointments that come and to mysteriously and a filtering capability that hides appointments and todos and emails where no one can find them). It also has very limited task management capabilities. Other than that, it's not bad!

So I've come back to TD because it has the features I want, has friendly, helpful forums, and regular upgrades. I've already posted a number of questions here, and promptly got replies either from other users or from the developers. Nice!

If some of you think the pace of development here is slow, it's glacial at CC. It's only been a week, but, so far, I'm very impressed TD and it's developers.

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