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How to reschedule a repeat task that repeat from due date


Posted: Jan 09, 2013
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For repeat task that repeat from completeion date, we can either do it client-side or server-side. For client-side, just manually add a new task, for server-side, we can set reschedule field to 1.

My question is, for tasks that repeat from due date, does server provide such facility, or the client has the resposinbility to do it?

If it's client's job to do it, then how to decide which client add the repeating task if mulitple clients sync with the same account?

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Jan 09, 2013
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You can set whether the task repeats from the due-date or the completion date via the "repeatfrom" field.


Once Toodledo knows how the task repeats, then you can have the server do the rescheduling by passing reschedule=1 when editing the task. It is preferred that Toodledo do the rescheduling of tasks since there is a lot of behavior that you get for free (subtasks, reminders, collaboration, etc all need to be updated).
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