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Outlook sync first run does a few at a time?


Posted: Jun 06, 2009
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Please ignore this - I would delete it if I could - it turned out to be a filter - all the tasks synced.


Original message:

I just installed Outlook Sync for the first time - I disabled Automatic Sync until I could check it out - I ran a Manual Sync from the File menu - and it synced about 20 tasks, then stopped - saying Sync was complete in the status bar. I re-ran it - got 15 more. Ran it again - 12 more.

I turned on the trace, and it runs a while, then says:
StateCreatedOnOutlook():Maximum Toodledo updates exceeded for this cycle. Skipping

I also checked the tasks in Outlook, and it looks like they are being modifed - at least, the modified date is set. No obvious changes. And it sounds like the message is saying that *outlook* updates have been exceeded, not toodledo updates.

Anyway - anyone else seen this? Is there a max updates it will do in Outlook - perhaps to avoid problems like everything being deleted?

I can keep running the sync - but I thought I would ask here. BTW, I have 145 tasks in Outlook.


This message was edited Jun 06, 2009.

Posted: Jun 07, 2009
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This is from the information page from the sync client:


The Toodledo servers will block any application that performs too many operations is a given time period. In order to avoid triggering this block the application will only send updates to the server at the rate of 1 update every 20 seconds. This can cause the first synchronizatio to take quite some time

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