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Manual Sorting of Subtasks.
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Toodledo Founder
Posted: Dec 26, 2009
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Thanks for the suggestion.

Posted: Jan 04, 2010
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Please do manual sorting of tasks for those of us who don't use subtasks. It is my only complaint, otherwise Toodledo is the BEST. I dumped Things and all the others for TD and so happy. Other than not being able to sort my tasks in the order I wish. Unless I am doing something wrong heh.

I have folders ie Home/Work/To Do and have tasks listed under those. But cannot move them to the order I want. Am I missing something?

Thank you.

Posted: Jan 06, 2010
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Nope. You aren't missing anything. Can't be done yet (I hope I am correct when I say yet).

Since I use subtasks I haven't done it but I've thought about making my folders one giant subtask so I would be able to sort.


Posted: Jan 08, 2010
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I'm also one of the guys who don't use subtasks, and I would be happy if manual sorting of tasks would be possible. If you would implement this, Toodledo would be completely flawless - at least for me ;)

Posted: Jan 08, 2010
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I tried to do that with subtasks and it did not quite work. they still kept moving out of the order I wanted them in.
and I agree--TD would be completely flawless if this was added!
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