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Posted: Jan 08, 2009
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Does anyone know what is the algorithm for sorting by importance? I like the idea of taking both due date and priority into account. And maybe even considering things like items with a due date modifier being less important than those with a standard due date (though I don't know if that is taken into account or not). I've been sorting by importance and having pretty good luck with it despite not understanding the algorithm. But occasionally, it baffles me by putting something way down on the list that I consider pretty important and I can't figure out why. So now I've switched to sorting by Due Date and within that by Priority. It's not bad. But I'm wondering, what am I missing by doing this instead of sorting by Importance?

Posted: Jan 08, 2009
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FWIW, here is what I think would make a good importance algorithm:

1. First, take items that are either top priority or due today and sort by priority
2. Then, take remaining items due within next 2 days and sort by priority
3. Then, take remaining items due within next 7 days and sort by priority.
4. Then, take remaining items due within next 30 days and sort by priority.
5. Then, take remaining items and sort by priority (i.e, more than 30days out and priority is more important even if no due date is set).

Rather than labeling things Importance Level 1, Level 2, etc., label them something like:
1. Top or Today
2. Next 2 Days
3. Next 7 Days
4. Next 30 Days
5. Remaining Items

This is essentially sorted by due date but with 3 variations that make all the difference:
* Due date trumps priority when due date is imminent
* Priority trumps due date when due date is not imminent
* Top priority or due today trumps everything

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Jan 09, 2009
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We posted the equation for importance in these forums a few months ago. You should be able to search for it.

Posted: Jan 10, 2009
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Thanks found it. For those that are interested it, I am pasting it here as well to save others from searching:

Importance = 2+P+S+D

S=is it starred (0 or 1)
D=0 if due-date is non-existent or further than 14 days out, 1 if due-date is between 7 and 14 days out, 2 if due-date is between 2 and 7 days out, 3 if due-date is tomorrow, 5 if due-date is today, and 6 if overdue
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