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Problems getting rpeat and due dates set properly.
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Posted: Jan 18, 2009
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First off, I should mention that I am using the iPhone App. It is up-to-date as is the Toodledo app.

Though i am not sure this is the source of my problems, it is a possibility. I notice other people are having strange syncing behavior, (perhaps because commands are processed on the iPhone as well as the server rather than just one or the other?).

I am having trouble getting two tasks which I would like to repeat do so properly... if there is a manual/FAQ I can't find it. I have read all the help files I could find, but they don't solve my issues:

1) Weird things happen with the due-date for this task, for some reason the due-date isn't always created on the same day as the task repeat, for example, the task will create itself on Monday but be due on wed, wed -> fri, etc. Obviously, I have to specify a due-date rather than an interval (i.e. due same day, 1 day in the future, etc.), which seems strange to me.

This is an optionally on task, which should repeat every mon, wed and fri. The task is called workout, and if I don't complete it on any of these days, it should go away until the next repeat instance (i.e. if I don't do it on Monday, I don't want to hear about it until Wednesday).

If someone can tell me how to successfully create this I would be happy.

2) I have another task that should create itself every Monday and be due every Thursday. I finished this task this week, but around Friday it recreated itself. This does me no good since I can't get started on it until Monday anyway.


It would be infinitely more simple for me to set repeat tasks if I could specify an interval of due-ness rather than a repeat day with only one date. eg. task repeats every monday, wed, fri, optionally due 0 days from creation.

I don't really understand why when i create a task I am limited to setting a due-day for a task which repeats. This is kind of counter intuitive since I can't set more than one day yet I am creating multiple tasks.

OR for the other one

Task repeats every mon, due by 3 days from creation.

Any help would be appreciated, sorry for he lengthy post.


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Toodledo Admin
Posted: Jan 18, 2009
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For #1, to create an optional task that repeats every MWF, you should give it a duedate with a ? in front of it ("?Jan 18th, 2009" for example). This tells it that it is optional and if the date passes it will be removed. Now, set the repeat field to the advanced option and then type in "Every Mon, Wed, Fri"

Here are some help topics that explain:

For #2, I think the confusion is that repeating tasks will be rescheduled instantly when you complete them. There is no way to make a tasks that doesn't get created until some date in the future, although you may be able to get the behavior that you want by using the "start-date" field.

Hope that helps.

Posted: Jan 19, 2009
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Yes, you are correct, actually both my problems stem from the same issue:

I just figured out a bit earlier today that I had not turned on my "do not show future tasks" filter. I guess I just assumed future tasks would be hidden by default.

Thank You
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