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Integrating Toodledo and ToDoList
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Posted: Apr 16, 2008
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I'm relatively new to Toodledo and have enjoyed many of its features. However, there still are a few things I wish it did differently. Just so you understand if this question doesn't make much sense, I am anything but tech savvy. I am, however, very interested in time-saving, organizational tools which is what brought me here.

Anyway, the question I have is, has anyone looked at possibly integrating some of the functionalities of AbstractSpoon's ToDoList application? I love the multi-task options, the start-date, and ease of moving tasks around on ToDoList but also want a way to tie each action to a larger goal like Toodledo offers.

Is there anyone savvy enough to combine the virtues of both?

Posted: Apr 16, 2008
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Hi Cody, I understand what you're saying and I feel the same way. I've been spending the past few days examining a whole range of organisational systems and there's something to like in quite a few, but there isn't one package that's quite right!

I think it's because the majority of them are very new and often still in beta, so it's a journey of discovery for both the developer and client.

I've come to the conclusion that I'll have to use more than one package for the foreseeable future to get round the problem. That creates another problem of course, whch is keeping the data in synch !

I really like Toodledo as a personal task manager so I'll stick with that. I was looking at AbstractSpoon's system this afternoon and I'm very impressed with its functionality (and it's free!). I might use that to run work projects as it's got great potential as a project management system.

Like you, I also prefer to have start dates for tasks so that you can properly schedule your time. Have you looked at ThinkingRock? It's a free java-based system built very strongly on the GTD principles. I like the overview page which gives you a very nice flow chart of the stages of processing your thoughts and actions.

It has most of the functionality of AbstractSpoon (including start dates) but it also offers contexts, goals etc along the GTD idea. Perhaps use that to plan the big picture, in tandem with Toodledo?

Toodledo in my opinion is a great task manager with excellent connectivity which beats most of the desktop-based PIM managers, so I think I'll try and run ThinkingRock and Toodledo at the same time myself.

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Posted: Apr 17, 2008
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Thank you, Tony. I think you and I are pretty much on the same page.

Like you, I will probably end up using a combination of these packages. I still hold out hope that someday someone will create the "ideal" system. I think Toodledo is pretty close, but it still has a few more things to work out before it gets there.

I haven't heard about ThinkingRock but will definitely check it out. I appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.

Posted: Apr 17, 2008
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Hi again,

Another package you could try is 'My Life Organised'. It works on PCs and there's also a Pocket PC addition which synchs to the desktop addition. It also synchs very well with Outlook.

I've been trying it out and and at first I thought it looked rather basic but in fact its functionality is amazing.

The 'Pro' edition incorporates good project management elements including time tracking (start dates and estimated/actual task durations) plus dynamically generated completion percentages based on the number of sub tasks you've completed.

It's fully GTD and includes templates.

It isn't free but worth checking out if you need something like that to complement Toodledo.

I really like it, plus the fact that it's not an online system, it's a file that you use on the PC but it's so small you could keep it in a USB thumb drive, including your data files.

As my broadband connection has been playing up for the past two days it reminds me that having a system for work project management that is purely online based is rather risky, in my opinion.

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