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Posted: Jun 13, 2012
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The only thing missing here is the ability to color-code by context. Everything runs together as one long white list, and I'd like the ability to differentiate amongst different contexts from the one main list :-/

Posted: Jun 15, 2012
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I totally agree. I want to easily scan my views and quickly recognize what I have to do without having to reread each item daily to decide.

Not to deviate from this thread, but some "drag and drop" would be great too!

Posted: Jun 15, 2012
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Making it generic may be better. Like "color tasks according to X", where "X" can be context, folder, priority, etc.

Priority has some "colorization", but the ability to set the foreground and background color for "X" may come in handy.

Of course, the ability to customize the colors would have to be added too.

Not all tasks would need it either. Using context as an example;

"Home" Default color
"Work" some color from a picklist
"Church" some color from a picklist

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Jun 15, 2012
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Thanks for the suggestion. We can't comment on a timeframe for implementation, but this is on our to-do list.
Peter Scott

Posted: Dec 09, 2012
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I agree with ChristianDiscer's suggestion. The most flexible realization of this I can think of is to add an option to saved searches to display the results in a certain color. Then whenever tasks are being displayed, test each of them against all saved searches that set that option and display in the color of the first one that matches.
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