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Posted: Sep 09, 2012
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Hi I just downloaded Toodledoo and have spent quite a while trying to figure it out. I know you have created tasks as teaching tools, but they tell you to do things like pull down a screen (?) and e.g. click on a sun button (?) which I couldn't figure out.
A series of short videos with mouse actions would save a lot of frustration!
Am giving up for now as my head is aching!

Toodledo Admin
Posted: Sep 09, 2012
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Thanks for the suggestion. We do not comment on timeframes for implementation, but this is on our to-do list.


Posted: Oct 08, 2012
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Fully agree with post initiator......I thought I was fairly tech savvy but this app, while very promising and highly recommended, is difficult to figure out. I'm not even sure where to start and can't find any helpful starter tips - not yet anyway. A youtube video would be extremely helpful!

Posted: Oct 09, 2012
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In lieu of a video, here are a few suggestions for newbies:

1. Start out simply, use only a few fields at first, get to understand the interface and how those fields work. Do not start with a full-fledged all-out every-feature-available set-up, you'll go crazy. Avoid the more advanced/complex features like subtasks for a while, until you have the basic interface down.

2. Add features as you become more comfortable with the application and the features you started out with. Explore the interface and try all of the buttons/features that are visible. We get dozens of newbies asking how to switch on or off the notes field, when it's right in plain sight if they'd just try stuff out before posting. In particular, get familiar with the "Show" feature on the toolbar near the top. These Filters will override other settings and give you quick access to that tasks are displayed and which ones are hidden and can obscure what you're seeing and why you're seeing it.

3. Make yourself familiar with the Settings screen. Look through it frequently until you pretty much know what's in there. We get tons of posting from people asking about things in there that they could find without having to wait until one of us gets back to them if they would just LOOK.

4. If you're stuck on a feature, check out the appropriate Help screen first. They are fairly complete (admittedly, some are out of date), and usually very helpful. If the Help screen isn't helpful, do a quick search of the forums to see if you can find your question answered previously. Usually, if you look, you'll find your answer if you can figure out the correct search terms. This is not always easy.

5. Read through the various systems some of have posted to help others. There are quite a few of these, mostly in the "Tips and Tricks" forum, with detailed descriptions of how we apply the many features of TD to our own situations. One of the things that makes TD sometimes difficult is how powerful and flexible it can be. Even if the system you're reading isn't really for you, there are often "tricks" the creator has used to solve a particular problem that you may be wrestling with at that time. These detailed explanations also help you to understand how the fields/features work, and how they can be bent to do something entirely different than the obvious application.

Finally, if you can't find your answer in the Help screens or by a forum search, feel free to post your issue in the forums. Most of the regulars here are more than willing to help, even with those questions that have been answered a thousand times before. We've been there, and realize that this is not easy to master and that sometimes you can search til you drop and not find what you're looking for. Post here and usually within a few hours at most, one of us, or one of the TD team, will answer. One of the reasons many of us like TD is because the TD team is so helpful here, and a question seldom goes unanswered for more than a day.

In short (too late), there are a lot of resources available to tame TD and bend it to your needs. If you're willing to put some time and effort into understanding it, TD will pay of many many times over in making your life more organized and less worrisome. Best of luck!

These are just a few ideas to help get you started. I'm sure other experienced users can add to this, or even have other approaches entirely that might help new users get over the hump with TD. I invite your comments.

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