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Hidden Active Task?
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Posted: Apr 01, 2009
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In my Main view of my tasks on the Toodledo web-site, there is a message "1 active task is hidden due to your filter settings. Turn off filters" at the bottom of my Tasks list. Clicking on the "Turn off filters" doesn't seem to have any effect. Bug?

Posted: Apr 01, 2009
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I think it's a bug, definitely.

I've noticed that the "[x] active tasks hidden by your filter settings" at the bottom always has a value for x that corresponds to: # in the tab title (such as "Starred ([y])") minus # of actual tasks displayed (just under that, "[z] To-Dos sorted by...") .

However, [y] only updates when you refresh the page, or click on another view "View by: ... " and then return. Simply clicking on another tab won't do it. Re-clicking on the tab you're on also won't do it.

So in your case it's possible you completed a task or otherwise did something to a task that removed it from that view - but the number of total tasks Toodledo *thinks* is in that view doesn't get knocked down by one until you refresh, so Toodledo tricks itself into thinking you must have hidden that task on purpose via a filter.

It's possible to use the same trick in reverse to get Toodledo to imply there are no filtered tasks (the message disappears) but when you choose "show deferred" (for example) more tasks show up. (Right now I am looking at a screen that shows "Starred (15)" and then just below that "16 To-dos sorted by....").

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Toodledo Founder
Posted: Apr 01, 2009
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That is possible. We do calculate the hidden tasks by subtracting the visible tasks from the number counted in the tab.

One thing to note, is that if you have a free account and the task was completed more than 1 week ago, it will be invisible but will still contribute to the tab's count. You can reveal this old task by becoming a Pro member. We hope to have the tab count take account for this in a future update.

Posted: Apr 01, 2009
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I just started noticing this as well. I don't think it is related to what ryssalee posted because it only seems to happen when clicking on remove filters is the first thing I do when I open my todo list. I have a pro account as wel, although it is the triall, and I can remove the filters normally by using the regular filter tab.
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