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Efficiently adding tasks when offline
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Colin A

Posted: Jun 10, 2009
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There are numerous times when I'm not online and I end up writing actions on bits of paper that I then add later when on-line...well actually I'll be in a meeting and plan to do so, but don't. Or I'll delegate a task and plan to add a "waiting for" action...but I don't get round to it till I speak them later and realise it's still outstanding. So this might be about my flakey, inconsistent approach...but....

How are you adding tasks efficiently when offline?

I appreciate I could write a draft email - but then I need to remember the syntax or I end up with the footer from my mail added all the time

I don't have blackberrys/iphones...I could text...but then theirs the syntax

Does anyone have any good ideas and/or suggestions on how to use the TD syntax to make the most of texting or emailing?


Posted: Jun 10, 2009
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exactly, I think email is the best method.
if remembering the syntax can be aproblem, I suggest :
1- create a contact with your specific toodledo email adress
2- create an inbox folder in toodledo
then the only thing to remember is to write in the subject of the email :
do this task *inbox

and then, you process the inbox folder in toodledo when you get back online

Posted: Jun 11, 2009
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I have a nokia phone, and the messaging app that comes with that can have templates for SMS or emails. So I have one of each setup with the formatting already created for a generic task to add.

Posted: Jun 11, 2009
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I use auto-text on my blackberry for syntax. I would use a template feature on a regular phone. You could create a cheat sheet and keep it in a wallet or billfold. I taped the shortcuts above the keyboard until as a quick refence. Once you learn the syntax, it comes naturally.

As an alternative you can send tasks to an "inbox" folder or context and process them daily.

Posted: Jun 12, 2009
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I currently use a Blackjack and keep a note with all the syntax. After a while, you will remember the syntax and most of it is intuitive.

Text works just fine via. Twitter for me.

I am getting an iPhone when my contract runs out in 64 days, 9 hours and 27 minutes. Not that I am counting or anything.
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