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Dates and descriptive titles in the News forum
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Posted: Jun 12, 2009
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It's often difficult to tell which threads in the News forum actually have "News".

Here are the current threads:
Updated Toodledo iPhone app
Two big updates and 6 little ones
View Deleted Tasks
RSS feeds updated
Updates to forums
Two More Improvements
Toodledo on the iPhone
Firefox Addon updated
Improvement to Subtasks
Email tasks to Toodledo has been greatly enhanced Updates to due dates and start dates
Repeat from Start Date
Fixed a rare repeating subtask bug
Some more small refinements

Some are specific, some are not.

Look at the first one: Updated Toodledo iPhone app.
Great! I've been expecting an update. But when was the update? Ah, December 23, 2008. :(

How about "Two more improvements"? The last post was May 20, but the improvements were announced on Sept 24, 2008.

Of course, the RSS feed shows a better view of the real "News", but I don't use it as much as the Forums. Also, having more descriptive titles in the News forum would make it easier to find a specific thread.

For iPhone updates, how about something like: "New iPhone app, version 1.5, 15-June-09"?

For specific improvements to the website, something like: Web app update 4-Sep-08: Search subtasks and Multi-Edit delete.


Posted: Jun 12, 2009
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Nice idea! It doesn't require any change to the actual framework -- just an extra second when writing the title.

Toodledo Founder
Posted: Jun 12, 2009
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Thanks for the suggestion. You can also go to our news page which has everything timestamped.

Posted: Jun 15, 2009
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This is true. Having the date in the forum post as well just helps readers figure out which conversations are relevant to recent news without cross-referencing the news page every time.

Having a "thread started" date auto-generated could do the trick as well, but would involve more programming time. You definitely have enough higher-priority projects, though.
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