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Pros/Cons of Alternatives to Toodledo.
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Posted: Oct 22, 2018
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Hello all,

I am curious what you all consider to be the best alternatives to Toodledo.
If you could name the alternative along with 3-5 pros/cons related to toodledo in particular we can help eachother make an informated decision going forward.

Please specify the OPERATING SYSTEM(S) that support the solution being considered.

I also hope we can get enough people together and set up a slack channel to discuss these alternatives.

Looking forward to seeing what comes of this and good luck going forward!

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Posted: Oct 25, 2018
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It’s hard to say what is the best for everyone. But after a short seeking an alternative I’ve a few notes.

Google Tasks, Google Keep, Wunderlist
- A great deal for shopping list but not an adequate and full-feature alternative.

- I like their design and motivating karma. It’s a frequent alternative with subtasks, filters (=saved searches), etc.
- But a lack of a start date, an advanced sorting feature, esp. sorting based on multiple criteria, and a lack of custom sorting options for filtered views is a complication for me.

- A great tool on desktop that is integrated in eco-system of MS. I’ve an account from our university (corporate account) and I’d like to use it.
- But I miss subtasks and I can’t use it on my phone with Android. The official app Outlook from MS doesn’t have tasks. There are 3 other apps for Android:
-- To-Do from MS but it’s a simple app without advanced features, it synchronizes only some fields, subtasks are in To-Do not in Outlook and it has a problem with due dates when syncs with Outlook.
-- Tasks & Notes for MS Exchange but it doesn’t have implemented a support for corporate Exchange accounts which I have (
-- Nine from 9folders but it syncs subtasks into note fields in Outlook and I can’d find saved searches or something similar.
- And there are other things like an impossibility to create a list of tasks on web (
- If you use Apple, you can be happy with GoodTask ( I haven’t tested it.

- This service is a really close to an adequate alternative – a modern design, a field with start date, smart lists (=saved searches), subtasks, etc.
- The problem is that I can’t see an advanced sorting feature based on multiple criteria combinations. Am I right?

- All in all, I consider RTM to be the best choice for my requirements, e.g. subtasks, advanced sorting, saved searches, start date, tags (also as replacement of folders), etc.

If I made a mistake in my search and notes, I apologize in advance.

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Posted: Oct 25, 2018
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A great list.

Just to add a couple comments.

For Outlook, GoodTask is great. Still no usable subtasks, but can sync start dates. 2Do (also available for Android) does have great subtasks (that sync to Outlook as regular tasks) but the start date stays internal to the app. Finally these guys claim they have a pretty comprehensive solution for syncing Outlook tasks with Android

An advantage of Outlook is the easy way to create tasks from emails and from OneNote. One of disadvantages is the lack or limitations of web access.

TickTick is very interesting but it’s headquartered in China.

Posted: Oct 25, 2018
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Thanks Ummagumma,
I tried SymTasks but QR code is not working and I can't find an app with the same name on Play Store :-/
A synchronisation of tasks between Android and Outlook has to be cursed :-)

Posted: Oct 26, 2018
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@DrFrankBuck Yes, I thought paid/premium version of RTM (I'm a gold subscriber of Toodledo and I'm willing to pay for To-Do services).

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Posted: Oct 26, 2018
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Posted by prusatomas:
All in all, I consider RTM to be the best choice for my requirements, e.g. subtasks, advanced sorting, saved searches, start date, tags (also as replacement of folders), etc.
RTM (Remember the Milk) features not available in Toodledo:
Easily select and edit multiple tasks
Drag and Drop to rearrange tasks in a list
Bulk-edit individual tags for tasks that have multiple tags
Edit selected tasks by dragging and dropping to a list and having them inherit the field values in the list
Arrange lists of Tags and Locations in whatever order you want
Create Favorites to quickly access frequently-used Lists, Tags, Locations and Smart Lists
Undo changes to tasks
Easily access Trash to restore a deleted task
Advanced search functions, including filter by Start Date and Time.
Create and edit Smart Lists on mobile app
Multiple notes for one task (date-time stamped)
URL field in tasks (in addition to putting links in Notes)
Contact cards for collaborators (with image and email address)
For repeating tasks, specify the number of repeats or the end date
Postpone a task, and see number of times that a task has been postponed
Specify type of reminder (Email, SMS, IM, desktop) for individual task
Import lists of tasks by email (up to 50 tasks per email)
Built-in integration with Evernote reminders
Link tasks to Gmail
Siri integration (without using iOS Reminders)
Alexa integration (U.S. only)
Twice as many keyboard shortcuts as Toodledo

With Pro subscription:
Two levels of Subtasks
Tag colors
Outlook sync (Windows)
Attachments linked to Dropbox or Google Drive
Add and view attachments in iOS and Android apps

Toodledo features not available in RTM:
Grid View
Calendar view
Pre-defined Hotlist
Built-in Toodledo lists like Recently Added, Completed, Modified
Filter options like Recently Completed, Negative Priority, In the Future
Automatic dividers
Context, Goal, Star and Timer fields
Sort by Importance
Import from XML, CSV, JSON, Tab-delimited, ICS
Export to XML, CSV, Tab-delimited
Two-factor authentication
Scheduler, Statistics, Work Hours, Printable booklets
Outlines, Lists, Notes and Habits

Some features only available with the Pro subscription, e.g. Advanced sorting, mobile alarms, Apple Watch app, IFTTT integration.

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Posted: Oct 26, 2018
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I am playing with RTM at the moment. Some observations:

- Predefined Hotlist - easily replicated via Smart Filters (custom views). The only difference is that it’s not predefined and has to be manually set up... but then I always found Toodledo’s Hotlist lacking and used Saved Searches.

- No star. This is, again, easily fixed by replacing it with either a tag or Top priority (my favorite method). The advantage of using Priority method is that it can be duplicated in Outlook custom views and most other apps. (I have a different take on task priority than most people anyway)

- Speaking of Outlook, I installed the Milk Sync trial and it works perfectly, synchronizing all my tasks without a hiccup. The lists are synced as Outlook categories, I’d rather prefer them as folders, but it’s OK. Interestingly, if I set a Start date in RTM without setting a Due date, it will sync that way to Outlook but I can’t edit any dates without Outlook automatically assigning a Due date. I also don’t see the RTM tags getting synced over, but then I prefer using plaintext tags attached to the end of he task subject - again, for compatibility.

So far, this seems like a very good service, certainly way better than what I remember from trying it years ago. And at 3/4 of the price of the cheapest Toodledo plan...

The only question now is, does it offer enough on top of what I am getting with Outlook / GoodTask combo to justify paying another $40. But, to be honest, it does make the $60 Toodledo offering seem rather unappetizing.

Posted: Oct 27, 2018
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Posted by Purveyor:
RTM (Remember the Milk) features not available in Toodledo:
Easily select and edit multiple tasks
Toodledo features not available in RTM:
Grid View

This is very very helpful. Thanks!

Posted: Oct 28, 2018
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Posted by DrFrankBuck:
Hi DrFrank, I tried the import from current.csv but I got an error-message: "sorry this file doesn't contain valid task data"... Did you manage to import it into RTM? I switched to beta and have a free account at the moment.

A number of people have talked about Remember the Milk as a possible alternative. There is an import from Toodledo, but it's not obvious. In the RTM account settings, you will see an "Import" link, but the only option is "Wunderlist."

Here is how to access an import for Toodledo (Instructions coming from RTM):

You can switch to the beta channel in the app's Account Settings, in the General section.
You can import in the Import section, and while we don't yet have specific documentation for Toodledo, you can find some details about the process here:

Hope this helps those who want to take RTM for a test drive with their full compliment of data.

I would be interested in how well the import works for others.

Posted: Oct 28, 2018
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Do you have MS Office with Outlook? The easiest way is to import the Toodledo CSV into Outlook, then install the 2-week trial of MilkSync from the RTM website.

Posted: Oct 28, 2018
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Yep, I've got that. I will try that, thx ;-)

Edit: just tried it but on my Outlook for Mac i only see the options "import from Outlook 2011", "Windows-archive (.pst)" or "Mac-archive (.olm)"... No option to import csv :-(

Edit 2: after trying it on a Windows machine it worked ;-). Thx!

Posted by Ummagumma:
Do you have MS Office with Outlook? The easiest way is to import the Toodledo CSV into Outlook, then install the 2-week trial of MilkSync from the RTM website.

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Posted: Oct 28, 2018
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Thanks for raising this topic and thanks Purveyor for the feedback. I have been looking in particular at RTM and Todoist and major competitors, I will definitely be testing RTM as it has import from TD functionality.

TD was far ahead in the past, but has lost ground in my opinion, there have been few new features in recent years. Additionally some annoying almost critical bugs persist in the system (syncing and now I have recently seen obvious IFTTT bugs with the TD service failing causing me to lose tasks). I definitely need reliable syncing on Android and IFTTT to continue to commit to TD.

I moved some of my stuff to OneDrive (particularly the notes). For 100$ a year I have 5TB storage for family (5 computers), ability to share and the whole Microsoft Office online and offline) suite. OneNote is way ahead of any other note taking app, and I doubt that TD will be able to compete.

Posted: Oct 28, 2018
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A bit pricey but Nozbe plus Evernote is a brilliant combination.

Posted: Oct 29, 2018
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I just tested the beta channel in RTM and importing the TD export failed, I contacted their support to see if they can assist else I will try the email import proposed above. Will provide feedback if I get it to work! I am hoping to set up a backup plan for a year with RTM or something else since I have a TD subscription until end of 2019. I will see where TD is in the next few months and where it is going.

For my Android Sync issues I have been testing Ultimate-Todo list which interfaces well with TD. Sync is reliable and has many, many features and is also in active development. Other users have suggested this. The TD mobile website is too unreliable and still not a finished product in my opinion and neither are the IPhone or Android native Apps (I used both extensivley). PRoviding the API was a good move by TD to allow 3rd party development and it is nice to see some powerful Android apps which leverage this.

Given the power of Ultimate_todo list, TD may not need their own app, although this does provide some safety for the users of course.

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Peter Scott

Posted: Oct 29, 2018
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I am a heavy GTD user and there are attributes in Toodledo I don't find in RTM. Context and Goal as you say, but also Folder, since both systems have tags. I use Folder for task size, ranging from Next Action through Project and higher. I use Context for review schedule, ranging from Weekly through Yearly. My GTD workflow is a series of 9 custom searches to go through and the periodic review is clicking on the appropriate Context. I also use Goal and Location. I get that tags could be used for what I'm doing with Folder and Context, but it shifts some discipline onto the user that is critical, especially when collaborating with people not as power user as myself.

I also appreciate how dense the display on Toodledo is. With > 2000 active tasks I am often scrolling through long lists to perform a review, when I need to get a big picture and drag tasks to subtasks, and many systems take up so much space that you could only see a handful on the screen at a time.

Posted: Oct 30, 2018
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No one is talking about MyLifeOrganized? It seems that it can do everything Toodledo can do and more with no compromises.
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