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Network Error Syncing Attachments -- who cares?
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Posted: Oct 11, 2023
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I have used Toodledo for years and years. Love it and believe that it is very stable. So no complaints.

However, I have had to learn to ignore all the numerous Network Error messages I regularly get regarding attachments because, well, they just don't really matter 99% (100%?) of the time.

Please consider this modification to Toodledo -- although the programmer-types will not like it:

If I owned Toodledo, I would give serious thought into eliminating 99% of the "Network Error" messages you currently display to users like me. It's not that I doubt that some error exists, but I DO doubt it ever really MATTERS (except in cases that the programmer-types can surely present, but read on).

In my experience, (1) these errors always resolve themselves, (2) they are only theoretically relevant if I'm attempting to open an attachment (yeah, once a week at most), (3) they clutter up the screen, (4) they give the false impression that Toodledo is glitchy and that the data it contains is not reliably available (which is not really true). You are, in my opinion, making a solid program look shaky.

If you simply activate this message ONLY when it matters (when someone is trying to access an attachment?), I think you'd find that the message is rarely (if ever) needed, even though it might be accurate in some technical way that at only geeks appreciate.

Just a thought.
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