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Deleting attachments not associated with tasks Big Fred 1 Oct 21, 2019
by Big Fred
A "Format Painter" for aspects of a task other than task title? Big Fred 2 May 31, 2016
by Toodledo
Task counter (number of tasks) Big Fred 3 May 29, 2016
by Big Fred
Plans for 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s Models? Big Fred 4 Nov 04, 2015
by Big Fred
iPhone not syncing deleted task Big Fred 11 Dec 01, 2014
by martyschor
iOS Beta 4 Update- toodledo crashes upon opening Big Fred 10 Oct 25, 2014
by Toodledo
Export or copy to clipboard Big Fred 2 Jun 16, 2014
by Sabina A.
multi edit from iPhone Big Fred 2 Nov 04, 2013
by Sabina A.
Problem with how iOS app displays completed recurring tasks Big Fred 3 Jul 16, 2013
by Big Fred
The "WAIT" button on the iPhone app takes too long! Big Fred 5 Nov 03, 2012
by JPR
How to post a jpg or other image to Forum? Big Fred 10 Aug 24, 2012
by devil.dadofu
Multi-Edit suggestions: change "deleted" and "completed" Big Fred 2 Dec 18, 2011
by Toodledo
Due dates won't stick; they somehow disappear Big Fred 2 Oct 07, 2010
by Toodledo
Total Estimated Lengths by Subtotal or Category Big Fred 1 Oct 04, 2010
by Big Fred
Sort by "Repeat" Big Fred 5 Oct 02, 2010
by Big Fred

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