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A Few Feature Requests
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Posted: Jul 05, 2008
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I really like Toodledo. It's a great application, well-developed, has an extremely responsive developer, and is relatively inexpensive. Not much more that I could ask for...

...but of course I did manage to come up with a few requests!

1) Either redesign the Booklet feature, or allow users to utilize PocketMod or rePocketMod with Toodledo. Reasons? We could replace the front page, which is kind of wasted currently in that we cannot put any of our task info there. Also, the margins on, I think, the 4th & 5th pages are too large and cut off way too much text, unlike the pages before them.

2) Add standard forum features, like notification of replies to our posts, ability to use BBCode for WYSIWYG text entry. (Possibly use a well-established existing forum software). Currently I know that I don't reply to posts where someone has replied to a post of mine because I have no idea that they did - and I really don't have the time to search around for them in here.



Toodledo Admin
Posted: Jul 07, 2008
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Thanks for the suggestions.

We are trying to keep the forums very minimal to avoid distraction, but I agree that there needs to be a way to track topics for new replies.

Posted: Jul 07, 2008
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The problem is, by trying to keep the forum 'minimal' you are adding to the distraction rather than reducing it because your forum is far more laborious to use than every other forum on the net, bar none! Therefore your position is illogical.

In addition to the above suggestions there's still no option to 'mark all posts as read' despite this being mentioned ages ago. The only way to catch up is to plough through every single post - ludicrous.

There should be no need for you to work out how to do it, simply use any of the multiplicity of currently available forum software packages and you will have a proper functioning forum.

Sorry to sound irritated, it's just that I am! Toodledo is a great program, the forum however leaves much to be desired. By that I don't mean the content, that is excellent, I mean the functionality.

Posted: Jul 09, 2008
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In their defense, even using an existing forum package would require some maintenance, and this simple forum structure is probably so basic that there are few, if any, true bugs or exploits.

There are also so many out there to choose from, that even auditioning them all would take a lot of time out of their true calling, which is Toodledo. :P

Of course, with the latter issue, we could possibly be of service. Does anyone out there have any suggestions for great forum packages that we could recommend to use in place of this one?

I've seen and read good things from Simple Machines Forum but I haven't actually implemented it -- it will be my first choice, if/when I decide to set one up though. It has all the functionality expected from modern forums (mark all as read, track topics for replies, BBcode/WYSIWYG, preview before posting..) plus can have mods added, it is reputed to be good and stable (sorry, I don't have references, but I know I read it somewhere and I've also seen it up and running at, a Guild Wars fan site), and it's free. Free~!

Another big reason to consider a full-featured forum: you may want to select a few additional moderators from your adoring fans. As Toodledo gets bigger, there may be more questions than you will want to handle on your own, or there may be spammers coming around to do their deeds, and wouldn't it be nice if there were a few more people helping clean things up? There could be more categories of posts, and the extra moderators could help shuffle stuff around if posted to the wrong categories.

There's so much that could be done!!! I'm still pleased that there is a forum at all, but having used so many other forums elsewhere, I do notice what's lacking.

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