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Subtasks in Status View - Doubled-Up
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Posted: Sep 01, 2008
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I work mostly in the Status view. Actually, the sort I use most is Status>Importance>Folder. There is no "break" for folders in this view, but it is easy enough as they are all together within each Status level. (Next Action, Actions, etc.)

An issue I am experiencing is that Tasks with Subtasks that are in any one Status level show under their parent task, and then again as Tasks - or at least as Subtasks but at the same indent level as Tasks.

I have adopted a repeating Task/Subtask scheme for Paying Monthly Bills that I saw in a post by Qrystal (Thanks Qrystal!), where I created two Tasks, First Half Bills and Second Half Bills, and then all bills that are due monthly as Subtasks under those two Tasks.

The problem arises in that the two main Tasks themselves show under the Next Action status, and then so do all the Subtasks associated with those two Tasks. But the Subtasks also show under each of the two main Tasks. Hidden at first, but I always show all Subtasks. Checking the Subtasks directly under the Tasks to complete them does not also complete those same Subtasks listed by themselves. I don't know if you can comprehend what I mean by that. If the forum supported images I'd post it here.

Anyway I would prefer to have the Subtasks show only indented under the parent task, and not also show individually in the same section.

Here's a quick illustration of the issue:

* Monthly Bills - First Half
>>>...Pay Electric Bill, 8/5
>>>...Pay Cable Bill, 8/7
* Monthly Bills - Second Half
>>>...Pay Water Bill, 8/18
>>>...Pay Credit Card Bill, 8/22
* Pay Electric Bill, 8/5
* Pay Cable Bill, 8/7
* Pay Water Bill, 8/18
* Pay Credit Card Bill, 8/22

Thanks for any advice!


Toodledo Admin
Posted: Sep 01, 2008
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Thanks for the suggestion.

Posted: Sep 02, 2008
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Hey Jake.

Anyway I can workaround this for now, that you can think of? Not a big issue, I admit.

Thank you.

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