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Posted Jan 11, 2021 in: We’re Back
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I am gone. Long time toodledo person who recommended this to others regularly.

I use views heavily, which in the past kept me with toodledo.
But the lack of support - serious problems of lost data and a month with no response to my trouble ticket, as well as 6 months and no replies here - had me looking for a better product.

Thanks to those that posted about competing products and how they worked for them, that saved me time searching for a new product (I could see what features were important to them and ensure the product had the features I use).

I have moved to todoist and I was pleased it does everything I do in toodledo (and even easier in many cases). You can do labels (tags) and filters (views) , collaborators, and many other features that toodledo has. I can put large amounts of info into a task so the information is there when the task is being worked on. I use projects as my goals/objectives, and subtasks under this (multiple levels of tasks is available). It will work with GTD, Timeboxing, and whatever other strategy you use.
Creating or editing a task is very easy - typing in English type text that sets the priority, task/subtask, tag, due date, etc. (E.g. task topic @work #project2 every 2nd tues starting with X date).
Easy to edit several tasks at a time.

It took a little bit to learn, there are several well written articles on advanced features (by others as well as in todoist). So it didn't take much time to pick up advanced abilities including things Toodledo doesn't have.

I had 1000 tasks and I was able to spend about 6 hours to convert, set things up to take advantage of todoist, while at the same time making some minor changes to better emphasis timeboxing and highimpact tasks.

Very well supported, when I asked about a feature I thought was missing, I got reply in less than a day (I just had not found out how to implement it, it was there).

Again, thanks for those that suggested alternative product, that really cut down my process of picking a new product.
After many years of recommending toodledo, I have now suggested to my regular customers/colleagues that they move to another product (they all understand the big concern of lost data).

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This has happened repeatedly over the last couple years (only because I don't use my iPad often).
Support says sync problems happen rarely but I think this happens regularly and want to hear from anyone else who has run into it so maybe support will fix it.

I have filed support tickets each time but they kat give the standard answers on how to sync including wiping out the iPad with web page info and leave me an hour of cleanup hoping I didn't lose any tasks.

I don't use my iPad often (web page and iPhone are used almost daily). iPad is used for a few days then maybe once a week or once every few months then used regulaly fir a while.

I opened toodledo on the iPad today, let it sync and then looked at my tasks todo today (date less than tomorrow so it catches older items). Last night there were no overdue due dates and all yesterday's due dates on incomplete tasks had been changed to today.
Instead of the 8 items I expected there were about 70 tasks. Due date is back in June or mid July (it is now aug). Further looking showed folders were wrong, goals were wrong, deleted tasks were there (undeleted).

it is as if toodledo decided the iPad tasks had been updated just before the sync (rather than weeks/months before)!and used those tasks instead of the newly updated tasks on the web page.

I did a manual sync and then a forced sync (web page to iPad) but that didn't help. Checking my iPhone and a webpage on the desktop showed the messed up tasks were on all devices.

I am getting tired of spending an hour or more cleaning up the problem each time it happens and I am losing my faith In Toodledo being able to sync devices without making a mess of things - how many tasks do I loose each time this happens or even just as I use it because sync of sync problems?

I don't know if this is because I don't use the iPad (or a specific iOS device) daily or if the iPad just doesnt sync correctly.

Anyone else have issues where an iOS device shows old info and changes the web page to the old information?

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I have been looking for a time boxing program for some time now but I didn't want to have my tasks tracked in 2 places.

I found PomoDone ( and I have been playing with it today for the first time.

It integrates with toodledo, using the folder(s) you tell it to use.

Then you can do the typical pomodora technique, setting how long you want the work/focus timer to be and how long the break should be.
It also tracks your time for you, so you can go back and look at where you spent your time.

It is a new program, so still some bugs, but it looks very promising.

Has anyone else tried this or use it now?

What is your opinion of it?

Posted Dec 17, 2015 in: Quick search
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n4simpson, I have found that using the advanced search - task contains (word) [not having any notes contains (word)] has always searched tasks and notes for me - until recently with this latest flurry of activities. One day I am doing a search, a few days later the same search doesn't work.

Were you thinking that? That the advanced search task contained search actually searched task and note fields?
Quick search doesn't find it - I realized a year or two ago that quick search often didn't find things that an advanced search task contains with the same word found.

However, this feature has recently gone away. Maybe in the flurry of activities some coder closed up a "feature" we were using that wasn't supposed to work that way - having been in the industry for decades I have seen that happen often.

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Before the latest round of updates, I could go to the advanced search (go to searches, then to new search) and enter task contains (and put in a word) and it would search for that word in both the title and the notes.

Now this no longer works, the search above only finds words in the task (title), not the notes.

I did a support ticket, and the replies are horrible (explaining an advanced search would do what I wanted, after I told them I was doing an advanced search, and the second one suggesting that I do a notes search - I guess in addition to every task search I do all day long).

It seems support is going downhill.

Maybe we need to flood them with trouble tickets for this problem.

Note: I didn't realize I was not getting a search for tasks and notes (which means I likely missed some tasks I should have been working on as I run all my work via searches), until I was searching for something I knew was there and several task searches didn't show that task - I had to go clunky thru goal/folders/etc. to find it. That is when I realized that it was no longer working.

If anyone can show that advanced search is still looking in task & notes fields, I would appreciate how you got that to work (e.g. a fix went in or ...).

Posted Aug 13, 2015 in: Toodledo Sweepstakes
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How do I get rid of the obnoxious green badge in the upper right corner that seems to be telling me I need to click the down arrow and read about the sweepstakes... but nothing gets that badge to turn off.

What a horrible way to ask us to advertise for you, to put a neon colored badge in our face.

Posted Apr 02, 2015 in: Goals - Plans for improvements on this
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I wanted to check if you plans for improving how goals are handled in toodledo and creating goal driven tasks.

For tracking tasks including for very complex projects with collaborators, IMO toodledo beats all the competitors hands down.

However, I have long wanted a goal driven task list. So not just tracking and responding to a todo list but making sure time is spent on the things that really pull us forward in life to reach our most important goals.

With a more complex life and handling tasks from many different areas (work projects, household projects, personal projects), it can be hard to make sure we are really accomplishing what we want to do vs responding to the many things that "need" to be done. And many systems including GTD just don't address this well enough.

Having toodledo be able to highlight goals and goal progress and goal driven tasks would solve this.
Which means having those important goals (building a new business/area of business, improving health, becoming financially independent - e.g. not needing not work, etc.) and the progress being made (or not made) on them be very visible. This is not just having some folders/projects with tasks which can easily get lost or pushed out of the way by tasks that "need" to be done now and having in our head try to keep these life improving tasks different somehow.

One of the programs I like best for goal driven tasks is Goals On Track. However, it does not handle a larger list of tasks as well as toodledo does. So I am faced with doing some things there and some in toodledo. Some of the great features Goals On Track uses that I wish were in Toodledo:
--All tasks can say what % of the goal will be accomplished when the task is completed. Same with subgoals (tasks show subgoal completion % and subgoals show goal completion %).

-- A Dashboard view can be seen that shows the goals & progress made, the tasks, and the habits. Tasks can be filtered by time period (today/this week), so on one screen is the motivation to work on that goal (goal progress) and today's work to do. Colors are used for priorities and tags can be used to identify the goal one is working on.

So the entire day is focused on working on what will move the critical goals forward and not getting dragged off on other tasks. OR at least being aware how much time / effort is being given to the critical goals that will move the person forward in the areas of life they really want progress in.

Is there any plans to do something similar to toodledo?

Posted Apr 02, 2015 in: New Section: Habits
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I like where you have gone with habits, much more useful than when first introduced.
However, like others, I would like to be able to create a view (search) to be able to show today's tasks & habits on one screen. It would make habits so much more useful.

Posted Apr 02, 2015 in: Toodledo Redesign Plans
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I would love a revisit on goals.
I have repeatedly checked out Goals On Track, one of the better goal driven todo/task lists.

Initially I could not give up the versatility (doing multiple views, collaborators, etc.) that toodledo does, but they have made big improvements so now it is a push of which one is better depending on what I am doing.

However, a couple tweaks in toodledo would give me what I am really missing.

1) Goal progress in a meaningful way, not just chains.
Chains just show something is being worked on which has No correlation to progress on achieving the goal (e.g. can be doing tasks that don't move you forward vs the most meaningful tasks that get you to the goal quickly).
Goals on Track shows their goals as progress % done (e.g. weight lost, $ earned, or even just % of goal reached). It can be added up manually (e.g. enter weight, enter sales did, etc.) or it can take it by us stating that if this subgoal/task is done it will be X% of the goal.
I do not want this for many of my items that are driven by customer demand (e.g. respond to something someone needs), or my demands or more back burner categories. But for goals where I am doing something bigger and want to make sure it gets time every day/week (e.g. starting or improving a business or project, or a measurable goal where I want to hit a # each month and make sure that # is always in front of me), I really would like goals to show a meaningful progress.
Which means I want to be able to include in a view so I can see today's view with those 1-3 goals that are the ones I want to ensure get time/effort/progress as well as my my tasks for the day. That would ensure I give time to the tasks that will accomplish my most important goals.
I am probably going to cludge something up for now, or now that my huge extremely complex project is over go try out goals on track for a while, but this would be a huge plus to add to toodledo and with this I would stop my couple times a year search for another program to fill in what I am missing from toodledo.

2) Ability to put tasks and habits on the same view. I have, like others, put my habits as a task in the past. I looked at the habits when it first came out and wasn't interested enough to use it. After playing with habits recently in another app, I went back to look at toodledo habits and liked the changes. BUT I really, really want them on a view with today's tasks (I saw there is a bunch of other people who want the same thing).
So I see all of today's items I need to do (tasks & habits) on one view. And I would love the goal progress I want to see on the same view.

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Mileage might work fine in toodledo.

However, I suggest a different app, like for cash flow. No need to export, etc.
I live on toodledo but I can't imagine it doing what I can do in YNAB (budget focused, not account balanced focus).
Both easy to get to and use apps.

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I just did a quick test.
I created a task on the iphone and added a note.

I then went to the web page (laptop), did a refresh, and I could see the task and note fine.
I added a line to the note using the web page.

I then went back to the iphone, and both lines of the note showed in the task (after a sync).
I added another line to the note.

I went back to the web page and I could see all lines of the note.

Note: I had removed the app from my iphone with the latest problems to prevent sync problems from corrupting my data/tasks. So I installed it in new.
Try a stop and start of the app to see if that helps (it fixed some other sync problems for users).

Posted May 15, 2013 in: Complex Search
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Write your search for each day/lcoation whatever you are focusing on. Yup, means more searches but gets you want you want.

E.G. for your example:

SAT-FOCUS (search name)
Tag=House Chores OR
Due Date = Today OR
whatever else will fill your Sat search.

Hope that helps.

Posted May 15, 2013 in: Question got anyone who uses Chrome...
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Yup, noticed this today but I use Firefox.
It seems when it is a more complicated search and will have more answers, it seems stuck for 20 seconds or so then answers.

Posted May 11, 2013 in: Iphone Sync problems
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Jeff (and others).
They released a iphone update - available on the ihpone app store about 2 days ago.
I just finished testing this out (I had taken it off my iphone and wanted to make sure I did a backup and expoert both and then do explicit testing before I started using this again.

My preliminary testing worked fine.
Tasks on the iphone were updated to the web page quickly (I refreshed it 1 minute later and they were there).
Changes on the web page to existing tasks - to notes, folder, and goal, were all updated on the iphone (after a sync).

So it looks like the problems were fixed.

My initial sync (over 670 tasks) took a few minutes - but not more than 5 or 10 - it was over half way done after about 2-3 minutes but then I walked away for a while).
Syncs of a few changes were quick (e.g. less than a minute).

Check out the latest iphone app and see if this fixed your slow sync problem.

Posted Apr 25, 2013 in: How can i made this with td?
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In toodl4do to have the same view, you can set up a search that looks for tasks for the week (or couple of days you want to look for), sorted by due day & priority.
You need to change the fields for each task (not drag and drop) to change the priority and due day).

But you might be more interested in checking out importance, you can set this as a sort, which takes the due data & priority into account to put the most important/urgent tasks at the top.
This works for any list of tasks (from a search or all tasks ...), at the top there is the add task, show, then sort. Under sort, there are 3 icons that shows how it is sorted. Just click the first one and set that to importance.

Then just work down the list.

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Fuzzy weapon - sounds like you want timeboxing - yup, I am kludging this into toodledo right now, it means I have to manually make tasks in toodledo for tasks right now.
I put this in as a request (via support ticket).
Glad to see others want it also!!! As I really would like it.

Posted Apr 22, 2013 in: Iphone Sync problems
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Jake, I hope you realize this is not just about note sync but due date/folders syncing, and about tasks created on the phone not syncing to the web page. And I am sure you appreciate that is makes the iphone app unusable until it is fixed (so a high priority problem).

I know you have my trouble report on the non note synching issues and it is still open and being worked on.

I gladly volunteer for any extra traces you want to put in to catch why this is going on. As I said, this happens quickly to me.

Posted Apr 22, 2013 in: Standard GTD + Searches == Heaven
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Posted by christopher.millward:
How do you deal with situations where you look at your list and decide that you'd rather have a beer and lounge in the back yard than tackle any of it? It seems like prescribed amounts of time for each goal each week would introduce a little residual guilt for willingly deciding *not* to do anything?

Chris, there are several approaches to this. Schedule breaks/down time/exercise/family time/etc. Or schedule only a certain percentage of the day as productive time (e.g. X hours a day). Or schedule only a certain amount of tasks - time management folks say anything from schedule 1-2 larger tasks (some call them big rocks), and 2-4 smaller tasks.

I am looking at things from a tracking/managing perspective and I don't want to spent more time tracking than being productive, so I want to track only my work towards goals. So if I have a goal of exercise time, I might want to track that. But I don't want to track down time, I just want to track productive time. I am playing with scheduling X hours of productive time a day (still refining what X works best for me).

Since part of my goal is to track productive time vs non productive time, I (anyone) can at any time decide they need some down time and take those choices.
In reality, certain tasks can be done for hours straight, and others need a break every 5 minutes, it really depends on the task and how each of us individually struggle with it.
For time planning and goal progression, my main review is weekly (more often feel very unproductive and will just create those guilt feelings when things are going fine). So I look at if I am spending enough productive time to meet my goals at the rate I want to meet them, or do I need to increase my productive time or even reduce my productive time if I am not meeting my life goal of enjoying life (yup, I have one of those with subgoals and planning when it is called for - weekends away, longer trips regularly, etc.).

So same as money budgeting, too tight drives you crazy and makes life unenjoyable, but keeping to your goals which includes some splurge/fun money brings happiness - you meet your larger goals at a rate your are comfortable with while also having the fun time you are comfortable with - the specifics of how much fun time vs larger goals are specific to the person/family.

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Posted Apr 15, 2013 in: assign TASKS to collaborators
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Do you have your folders private or have it set so your collaborate can see the folder.
Typically the collaborator can see everything in the folder you are sharing with them.
When you assign something to the other person, you can only see the task if they have set up their folders for you to share.

Keep the assigned task in one folder and share that folder only (both directions).

Or use a joint task, that way you both see it. And it is only the one task, not a folder.

See for more information.

Posted Apr 13, 2013 in: Standard GTD + Searches == Heaven
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OK, I understand, you are doing lots of projects, so would be creating new folders all the time. I was thinking if the folder was created, it is just as quick to move something into another folder than change the tag. I don't have that many project folders - only for the very large projects (350 tasks for my big one) and those folders rarely change. I only have about 6 and create a new one rarely - typically when re-arranging everything in a new format.

I recently became frustrated on task management not working the way I wanted, and realized one of the big things was that toodledo doesn't use goals well. You have to force it on your own setting up SMART goals, then sub goals then folders/tasks/subtasks. This makes it a lot clearer what the goals are and I think would reduce multi-tagging your items.

For example your marathon and set up home gym seem part of the same larger goal (like be fit), but maybe not, maybe you have a competitive goal because doing competition makes you happy that includes marathons, racing, etc. If the goal is the same - e.g. be fit, than your resources (time) are competing for the two tasks and one of them will prevail in priority and the treadmill would naturally fit into that one.

See the writeup I did - While it is focused on setting things up for quick effortless reviews, it talks indirectly about those goals you set up (like being fit) and each goal gets a chunk of time each day/week - since the goal gets the time (not the project/tasks under it), the projects/tasks compete for that time and a natural priority develops (e.g. what is most important to reach your goal, it gets the time or the bulk of it or maybe it is split between two, but not between 10). So the tasks like get a treadmill would naturally fall under the higher priority project/tasks.
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