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Captain Time - Garland - is pretty good. Good guy, sharp & detail oriented:

Posted Jul 29, 2022 in: Subtasks - how to export?
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I like to regularly backukp / export my ToodleDo data.

I was looking at a CSV export of my current tasks & noticed that subtasks is NOT a column.

There also doesn't seem to be any reference to subtasks in the CSV export at all.

I did some digging & confirmation; the sub-tasks ARE being exported; the data is there; but each sub-task exists as their own separate / stand-alone task; they do not seem to have any relation / reference to the parent task they are under, nor any reference to other sub-tasks.

Is this normal / expected behavior?

Is there anyway to backup my ToodleDo as-is, meaning with sub-tasks intact, properly set / attributed under the parent / master task?

I kno there are several different formats to export / bkup ToodleDo data; .JSON, .TXT, and .XML if I'm not mistaken; do any of those formats backup with subtasks intact?

Is there any workaround to include subtasks appropriately filed under their parent / master as I have them in my ToodleDo acct? I'd love to have that.

Hope this makes sense....

Thank You!

Posted May 12, 2022 in: completed sub tasks
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There’s a little “eye” icon at the top right corner of the page, next to where it says “SORT”

Click that, then select “completed tasks” to hide or show them.

Posted May 12, 2022 in: iOS beta does not load tags
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Posted by h.grindley:
I also cannot post feature requests related to the new beta version for android, as every time I try to login (as it requests) using my iPad it just keeps reloading the page asking me to login. This is very frustrating. How do I submit a request for improved feature son the beta version?

IDK if it’s a glitch with how many iOS apps are coded or a problem with iOS itself - prob a combo of both, since this fix applies to many apps, but have you tried:

- Completely deleting the app.

- Locking the device + waiting 30 seconds for it to fully process the deletion.

- Unlock your iOS device

- Restart iOS device

-Re-download / re-install the app.

Try that.

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Posted by -JOD-:
Great stuff indeed - and thanks, strativourakis, to share your final solution. I have just tried it and no problems found. Now I just zip the result and back it up on my Onedrive - and set up a recurring task to run a BAT:-)

I'm geeked!!!!

For now, I'm content to just leave it as a .BAT file on my desktop and I click it when I'm feeling in a backing up

Posted Apr 29, 2022 in: iOS beta does not load tags
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Pretty sure it was stated up front that tags were not yet functional in the beta app.....
But I could be wrong.

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I just want to reiterate to everyone how amazing this is to have ONE little batch file on my desktop that I can click to instantly backup my ToodleDo account.

I haven't scheduled it as a task yet, but I will.....

This makes me rest SO easy!!!!

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Posted by PJ Hoogendijk:
Hi, since my latest Android update (March 2022 update), the Toodledo Android app starts crashing every time when I try to add a new task... I hope that an update to the app comes soon! Now I have to revert to a different app to work with my to do's...

I've been forced to keep ToodleDo open in Chrome on my mobile devices.

Have you tried that?

The mobile site works surprisingly well...not as nice as a dedicated app, but good enough.....

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Wow guys,
This is AWESOME!!!

Thank you so much!
Now all I have to do is click one little file (or easily figure out a way to automate it) and I can backup my entire ToodleDo account!!!!!

You guys are the best!!!

Below is what I modified a bit; the original script only had ~3 backup options / sources.

I'm a belts and suspenders and an extra belt and extra suspenders guy, and I figure; ToodleDo offers us all these different formats for backing up / exporting; why not useit?

You never know when a file will get corrupt, or you'll have a need for an alternate format......

Here's mine:
Obvi paste into notepad, save as *.bat and backup to your hearts' content!!! :-P

start ""
start ""
start ""
start ""
start ""
start ""

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Posted by techguyalabama:
I am using EssentialPIM and it syncs up with Toodledo, at least it does if it is set up correctly.

Hope you got your error sorted out!!

Otherwise; how do you like Essential PIM?
I'm looking at their site & in awe... it looks amazing...!!!

We really took a big step backwards trying to make everything web-based....!!!

Posted Mar 01, 2022 in: iOS: How to hide future tasks?
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The little grey separator bars in toodledo that say "Due in the past / Today / Next 7 Days" - they should have a little triangle to the left.

You should be able to tap on that gray bar and collapse future tasks, so they do not show up.

Hope this helps.

I just checked on my iPad & they are there & do exactly this.

Posted Mar 01, 2022 in: Performance
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a) I didn't realize there was a difference... I juts visited both; what IS the difference?

They look identical to me!

ironically, runs like crap for me!!

b) Check out TaskAngel; it syncs with ToodleDo & Offers a pretty darn nice windows desktop client!!

I'm playing with it... not converted yet, but maybe....

Also; are you 100% sure you've disabled any & all ad-blockers or other extensions that could interfere with toodledo?

Posted Jan 18, 2022 in: Iphone app no longer works at all
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Posted by Toby Goldsmith:
Failing that, Task Angel.

Interesting…. How does Task Angel work?

I actually already have it downloaded; will it sync with my existing ToodleDo info or what?

Any more info you could provide would be greatly appreciated!!

Posted Aug 20, 2021 in: Making ToodleDo Backups a Weekly Task
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Holy crap!!!

I think you are right!
All you have to do is click the links & it downloads a backup file, right??

It seemed to work just now for me....

This will save me SO much time!!

Could we automate this with IFTT / Zapier or similar?

Posted Aug 07, 2021 in: Convert List to Tasks?
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I swear there was a quick & easy way to add multiple tasks at once in ToodleDo..... now I'm looking & don't see it....
Wasn't there a function like that?

Seems you could copy & paste either all your list, or line by line.

How long a list / how many tasks are we talking about?

There's the "Quick Add" at the top of the task page; can you paste one line from your list in there & do them one at a time that way?

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I have also been looking for a replacement.

I see that ToodleDo's demise is imminent, so I've been taking notes on a replacement.

I need to now make time to pull the trigger & really do it.

I believe TickTick is one of the only ones I've found / heard of that offers a direct, specific "Migrate from ToodleDo" function - that was reassuring.

In some very, very limited time spent playing with it, it seems pretty cool, like it will have most of what I need.

It's just that fear & reticence to change.

I have also been using an app called "Alarmed" for iOS.

It is very basic, but has a feature i've not seen anywhere else;

You can program pop-up alerts / reminders & noises to nag you just about as often as you want.

It's helpful for someone like myself, though it is easy to overdo it & populate so many reminders that my phone constantly pings, dings & vibrates with reminders, so I temporarily pause them......LOL.....

But that's a great one.

The same app deveoper (Yoctoville, I think?) created a new app called "Errands"

I've no idea what's the specific diff btwn the two but I like alarmed so much, I def downloaded & will look at Errands also.

I'll try to post more later.

Posted Jan 12, 2021 in: Can't delete tasks
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Posted by brockadler:
You should download/backup your data to your computer and find a new todo program/app asap. This one will probably be disconnected/fail with no notice. Other forums discuss what's up and other solid choices. Good luck friend...

LOL you are on a mission to inform!! :-)

Very nice of you.

Sad to see ToodleDo just fade & fizzle away....

Posted Dec 16, 2020 in: Can't Modify Old and/or Repeating Tasks
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Posted by mlb32704:
Strativourakis, a belated but sincere thank you for posting responses on all of my outstanding issues. I'm glad that someone is at least trying to help.
I can understand the business rationale behind any plans to ultimately shut down Toodledo, but this lack of response from the company and it's non-existent support is just downright unprofessional, and quite frankly disrespectful of the strong, long established user base that has supported Toodledo all of these years. Jake and Co. would never have let it come to this, it just hasn't been the same since the present owners and management took over. In any case, I'm still using Toodledo as always, but I'm backing up EVERYTHING on a weekly basis, and I've started trying out alternatives. The best one that I've found so far is TickTick, with RTM a distant second, again, neither have the functionality or look and feel of Toodledo but what choice do I have? For my basic needs, free TickTick should be fine. Good luck and thank you once again.

You are welcome & no worries!

I too am evaluating TickTick & at first glance, it seems like what I will probably end up with.
I just need to dedicate more time to familiarizing myself with it, but ultimately I think we will all be forced to pull the plug here on ToodleDo.

As I’ve said elsewhere on these forums, I agree that it is really unusually shocking how horrible ToodleDo’s owners / management / whatever you want to call them are behaving. We have people coming here literally *begging* for support, bug fixes, feature requests and generally asking for ToodleDo to just conduct themselves like any sort of a normal company and RESPOND to ANYONE!

Yet they flat refuse to. Sad. Honestly, it’s almost malicious and sadistic at this point.

Additionally, I have noticed a lot of *former* ToodleDo users still pop by the forums to check in on occasion – in my opinion that is a pretty special type of dedication and it’s just disgraceful and pathetic that the ToodleDo owners are squandering all of that Goodwill.

Actually; I think that despite all of the outright malicious abuse they have thrown at us; that if they got their act together they could still turn this around and grow their user base but that’s just not gonna happen.


Posted Dec 05, 2020 in: Apple Watch App?
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Posted by Larry3:
I should note that it remains to be seen if they have stopped taking payments. In another forum topic I asked for clarification and the person reporting not taking payment indicated the auto renew they'd previously set did not happen and one other person said that in early October they did take their payment.

I'm not sure what to make of it so don't want to spread any false rumors.

That being said, even if they do remain open do you really want to pay to get no technical support, no bug fixes, and no updated apps? Not me. Since I don't use their apps nor do much on the web the last two are not major issues. No technical support is.

Gotcha, thanks for the clarification.
I've redoubled my search for a new app & TickTick looks pretty promising.
I've got some work & research to do yet, but I'm making moving away from ToodleDo a high priority because I'd be completely lost w/o a task manager. My life is chaotic enough WITH a task manager where I DO capture everything...LOL....

FWIW, I believe TickTick actually has an "import direct from ToodleDo" option.... When I fired up the app recently, I was surprised to see all my ToodleDo tasks in there (old versions, but still)

I can just delete / clear all tasks in TickTick & re-import when I'm ready.....

The iOS app, at first glance, is literal light years ahead of ToodleDo.

I've been browsing around here & doesn't seem promising for ToodleDo....

Sad; was a great product, lots of potential!

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Tagged to follow.
Been on my list for a while to move away from ToodleDo since it's gone so badly downhill.

Now with the revelation they aren't taking paying customers any more, looks like death is imminent.

Sad! Could have been great!
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