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Posted Dec 20, 2019 in: Toodledo Update August 2019
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Thanks to everyone on this (and other forums) as I worked through what was actually a difficult decision. Oddly personal impact to make a move from your task management system, but I am moving on (and surprisingly happy with the results) to TickTick as of this week. Tested it out, and surprised with the functionality, but for me the kicker was the ability to view your lists in customizable Kanban boards...what an improvement for my style!

I'm currently sitting on a paid Gold Toodledo account well into next year AND a "lifetime" subscription under another e-mail, on top of paying for premium TickTick, so definitely not a cost savings, but still happy with the outcome (it was never primarily about the cost, but rather the functionality and commitment). I'll still lurk around the forums for a while to see if anything changes, and I hope it does for those who remain.

Posted Dec 20, 2018 in: Feature Roadmap and New Pricing Plans
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Posted by Purveyor:

"what do you do with recurring tasks?"

I absolutely agree that I haven't seen anything deal with recurring tasks as well as Toodledo...and that is the one thing that I find myself missing the most. What I have settled on (for now) is I have a folder called Recurring Tasks in my GTD notebook to hold all of them. Each one has a tag to show the frequency (Daily, Weekly, etc) with the initial reminder set up. I get the reminders at the right time, but rather than clear the reminder, I manually update the reminder to the future date. The folder is sorted by Reminder Time so I can quickly see what is coming up. It works pretty well so far.

Posted Dec 17, 2018 in: Feature Roadmap and New Pricing Plans
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Just another option I haven't seen much of here...Evernote.

The good news for me is that I am officially down to one app after being a Gold Toodledo member for years. It takes a bit of doing to get it right, but I am now using Evernote fully for my tasks & to-do list. The main drawback is that I can't figure out how to do recurring tasks more effectively, but by using tags for Priority, Tags, Context, etc, and Folder for Goals and Projects, I'm very happy with the result. Additionally, I can still e-mail directly to my folders, plus it keeps all of my information together in one place. The reminders work very well, and everything is fully integrated across all my devices. There are some good sites to help, but The Secret Weapon helped me with the initial set up.

Posted Oct 19, 2018 in: Future Plans
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I am prepaid for the Gold account until the end of October 2019, just renewed a few weeks ago at the old rate of $30. It doesn’t make sense for me to keep using the service until the subscription expires, I would be just delaying the inevitable, and taking the chance that the whole thing will fold just as I am up to my ears in work and don’t have the time for a sudden drastic workflow adjustment. I will be keeping an eye on Toodledo in case they pull off a miracle and produce a service that I would be glad to pay for at 3x the price of it’s biggest competitor. Otherwise, they can keep my $30, along with wishes of best of luck.

I'm in the same boat, but paid through August 2020 - bad timing to re-up for 2 years! But I'm also not going to wait around as I'm starting a new job so this is the best time to migrate to a new system (already fully loaded on Todoist and so far happy with integration to Alexa and Google Calendar as well).

That there any way that we can "donate" our existing subscriptions? I am sure they won't give my my money back, but I'd be happy to let someone else use Toodledo on my dollar for the next 21 months.