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Dear Toodledo folks...

I'm not a developer or software engineer but I've worked with a few of them and have seen how they work and think.

It looks like maybe some users want you to make some changes to Toodledo. Some of those changes may be unique to their habits and situations. At the same time, many of us have been using TD the same way for a decade or two. We have our workflows and methodologies frozen and they work for us. The current version of TD works great for us and we don't want anyone to introduce any bugs or lose any of our data. Some of us have even paid for lifetime subscriptions.

Can you do the following? Maybe freeze one instance of the Toodledo code the way it is now and give it a name like Toodledo Classic or Toodledo 2020. Host it on AWS or somewhere inexpensive where we can all get to it reliably. Leave it alone and don't do anything that would affect what we have been doing for years and years.

Then, make a list of all the changes that the more adventuresome risk takers want to make. Provision another instance of Toodledo somewhere and let them do all the updates and experimentations that they want to do. Turn your programmers lose and let their creative juices flow. At some point, give this new code base a distinct name and maybe ask people to pay a little more to fund your R&D and such. Everyone should be able to upload their data into the new code base using the XML import functions.

This way, the dynamic people who want changes can have them, and the old folks who just want to keep doing what we've been doing can keep what we have and love without fear of losing data and functionality on things like old iPads and phones and older Windows machines that don't have all the recent updates. I can't say how many times I've lost the use of perfectly good hardware and apps because someone felt compelled to make changes for the sake of making changes.

Thanks for listening...

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The iOS app works PERFECTLY the way it is right NOW -- July 11, 2022.

Please DON'T FIX WHAT AIN'T BROKE! That rarely works out the way you want it to.

We have years of data stored on desktops and iPads that we don't want you to mess with.

History is littered with examples of developers screwing up perfectly good products unnecessarily.


Lifetime User,

-- Kurt

Posted Mar 14, 2022 in: AMA / Ask me Anything
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Lifetime Subscriptions / A number of us purchased lifetime subscriptions about 5 years ago, and some of them show expiration dates in the year 2024. Please look into this and advise us how to get that date changed to lifetime, or something much later than 2024. Thanks!

Posted Oct 16, 2021 in: A Message From Jake
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You can go back and read my previous messages -- most of them are still true.

I'm still using TD after ten years or more, a couple of yeas after the beginning of Jake's vision. My history may not show that because I've had to cancel old accounts and open new ones a few times. Thankfully, the export-import function allows me to pull my data onto my local hard drive and then upload it to a new account when opened. So... a very small portion of my tasks and notes are many years old. Even older than TD because I think a few notes were pulled off a Palm Pilot years ago, saved on a Windows machine, and then uploaded to TD. I even have a few email notes from around 1998 or so.

Back to the point -- TD is still the best task management and calendaring app that I have been able to find, and I've tried all of those that have been mentioned in this forum as alternatives. The original version of TD worked for me, and the upgrades have just been icing on the cake. Many demanding users have asked for all kinds of obscure and esoteric features, many of which I'd probably never use. Those demands just make it more difficult for the developers with little likelihood of significant new revenue for TD.

I hope that the new folks keep a classic version of Toodledo running somewhere for folks like me. Yeah -- we need to have updates and enhancements to the mobile (iOS) version because Apple is a moving target. But try to keep everything simple, guys. It's hard to improve on perfection, and you'll just drive yourselves crazy trying.

So glad that Jake is back. Never heard how much he pocketed from selling ToodleDo, but if he invested that wisely and has seen it grow, maybe he'll contribute back some of that (or invest in the new operation) to keep things going smoothly. Hope so.

Meanwhile, I will be here until your last cloud server stops running. As long as the classic features are working and I can use TD on my iOS devices (iPads), it will be my primary digital organization tool.

-- KB in SDCA

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Posted Jan 11, 2021 in: We’re Back
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I have a lifetime Gold account which gives me all the features I need. They sold lifetime Gold accounts a couple of years ago for a low price -- what was it? $35 or something like that?

Everything works for me the way I need it to work. I have been using ToodleDo for many, many years. I don't need any support.

For those of you who need support -- If you post your questions, maybe a user / community member will answer you.

It looks like ToodleDo won't be answering anyone, but as long as they keep the servers running, I will be happy.

If you want changes made to the code or feature updates, it seems like that will never happen. I like it the way it is. Works for me on both Windows (desktop) and iOS (iPad Pro 12").


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