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The dialog box / popup that is supposed to show up (where I select which collaborator to share with) never appears. Going to Chrome, it works as intended (but I don't want to have to deal with a second browser).

Posted Oct 19, 2018 in: Toodledo Update: Product Principles
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Posted by boydston01:
Where is everyone getting the new pricing details?


But: do open that link in a private/incognito window, otherwise you'll see your present price.
(In Firefox, that's by default Ctrl+Shift+P, in Chrome it's Ctrl+Shift+N)

Posted Oct 19, 2018 in: Future Plans
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Posted by korey99:
Actually, now that I see it, they are offering the Gold plan for $7.49 / yr. That is an acceptable price, but really weird that Silver is far more expensive than Gold. Can you please help me cancel my current subscription so I can pay for a new year of Gold?

Huh, when I look at the pricing page in a incognito browser window, I get the price of $7.49/mo, not per year...

Posted Aug 06, 2018 in: Toodledo Unscheduled Maintenance
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Posted by ramonvanmeer:
Posted by joodlejo:
as the forum was affected as well - in the past Jake had notified the users about major problems via twitter ....

The forum was not affected but from now on we will also update any issues on our Twitter page.

For me, the forums were down completely for a while, and required two-three page loads per page view for a while afterwards.
Yes, they came up before the main website, but it was not the case that the forums were completely unaffected.

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And the web page gives me intermittent "offline for scheduled maintenance"

Well, I guess most of us don't have a plan with an uptime-guarantee...

Posted Jan 08, 2018 in: Current State of 3rd-Party Apps
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+1 on Ultimate ..., in my case because reasonably large amount of information visible at once in widgets (a.k.a. small font)

+1 on DTG for *very* much information in each unit area of widget (a.k.a. very small fonts available, if you like that)
+1 on DTG for the option to request that completed recurrent 'Next Actions' gets the 'Next Action' tag removed, and thus forces you to review recurrent tasks (they effectively land in the inbox as soon as one instance is done).
-1 on DTG for certain limits on what combinations (status/folder/context..) that can be combined to create a widget view
-1 on DTG for issues (under certain circumstances that I never quite managed to pin down) with overdue recurring tasks that get completed - in some circumstances the completed tasks gets duplicated (next week, put out the trash two times!)

Posted Dec 30, 2017 in: ToodleDo Needs a Project Manager
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Is there a way for us users to vote for what features we'd like prioritized?

Personally, I've been hoping for a long time that the 6 year old request ( of having a view, where the parent task's due date is determined by the next subtask's due date, would be addressed at some point.

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Posted Apr 26, 2017 in: A collaborator edited the task...
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Thanks for the link. However, if I go to I get a list of "activity related to tasks that you have assigned to a collaborator." In practice, I see that my collaborator deleted one task within the last x months (1 month? 3?).
There is another list at where I see that my collaborator has edited three tasks.

What were these edits?

That I cannot figure out how to find.

Posted Apr 25, 2017 in: A collaborator edited the task...
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...and I get a link to which task, but I cannot figure out what the change was. Did they move the due date? Edit the note? Change the recurrency frequency?
How do I figure that out, without asking the person 'offline'?

Posted Apr 24, 2017 in: New Layout
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Posted by Jake:
It sounds like there is an error with your firewall or something else with your network that is blocking the new site. You can check your browser's error console for more information:

Thanks, I downloaded some firefox extension that is supposed to return the error log interface. After restarting the browser, I can no longer reproduce it.

My most recent issue has been with recurring tasks (again, I'm on Firefox/Linux). I try to specify "Every 2 weeks". Enter 2, fine, click the dropdown to get to weeks - and it displays "days". Enter the dropdown again to select "Months" - and it displays "Weeks". Select Years, and it displays Months. I can still reach "Years", but it requires using the keyboard down arrow to reach it.

Posted Apr 04, 2017 in: New Layout
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About every second attempt, nothing happens. The other attempts give me a "Network error" popup.

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Posted Apr 02, 2017 in: New Layout
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I didn't switch to the new layout until yesterday, and I did like it.
Today, however, I can't get the new interface to load at all. All I get is a rotating arrow and the text

Almost there"

for 5+minutes, which is as long as I've bothered timing it.
I think the primary problem there is that there is no intuitive way of going back to the old interface - which does load properly, by the way. I finally found out that I could go from to and get the old interface back, but that's not all that obvious for the user.

Posted Sep 26, 2016 in: Possible to share notes?
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Is there any way to share notes between toodledo for Android users?

I was trying to set up a shopping list for me and my wife, but while she can see the list in the web browser, it doesn't seem to sync to her phone (official app). I looked for third party apps that support toodledo's lists, but found none so far (any tips?) Finally, I tried to make a the list into a note, but I can't figure out how to share notes.

If we could share notes, we would have additional use of that feature, so the shopping list application is only one aspect of the issue, though it was what originally made me look into it.

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Android here, trying out the notifications for tasks that are given a location that matches my present location via the official app.

What I notice is that when I get home, I get a task title with a number beneath (what does it even mean?). When I click on the notification, I get to whatever screen I last had open, be it a task, the outline, whatever. I would have hoped to get to the list of tasks that are marked as "home", and are active, i.e. had passed the start date. However, for the last week or so, the notification that the Android app shows me on my phone displays the title of a task that I can't start working on for the next two weeks...
Is there some setting I can change to make the notifications slightly more intelligent?

And as a second question: how close do I have to be for the app to register that I'm at location so-and-so? I understand that this is somewhat complicated to do perfectly, but for me, I'd like one very small radius for 'home', a slightly larger for 'my grocery store shopping mall', because a trip there may cover other stores in the same mall, but a larger radius for the next town over because if I'm only there once a week, I'd like to cover more separate errands in one trip - and divvying up that town into ten different locations makes no sense to me since it won't give me the overview I'd need when I plan the trip. Especially since quite a few of them may be one-offs .

The third issue is more of a feature request for multiple locations for one task. If I need to get to Safeway, I need the location to a Safeway, not the Safeway closest to home, if there is another one on my way home from work.


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Something like your screenshot would be really neat - if I could actually display four+ columns at the same time in the android app, or the mobile website.
I don't think I'm encouraged to bring a large enough-sized tablet/laptop in to my local supermarket so that I can get that view of my grocery list...

Posted Aug 07, 2016 in: New Section: Lists
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Another vote for resizable columns, and ability to add at least a fourth (for us with large screens), as well as drag&drop reordering.

The other thing (that I originally went here to gripe about) is that I tried it as a shopping list manager for the first time today. One annoyance with that particular work flow is that every time I've glanced at the list, turned off the screen and put the phone back in my pocket to move to the next aisle, the app exits from the view of the shopping list and presents me with the list of my lists instead. Then I have to scroll down to the shopping list and reopen it - which isn't that extremely slow, but still takes two or three seconds of loading.

Can it please stay in the opened (shopping) list until I explicitly leave that list?

Posted Apr 25, 2014 in: Share notebook and/or lists?
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So I can share tasks with my collaborator, but it seems that we can't share notes (as in, not the notes in the task) nor lists (as in

Am I missing something, or is sharing of these parts not yet implemented?

Posted Jun 09, 2012 in: Translators Needed
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Just a thought: it would be nice to start with translations of core concepts, like "next action", "goal", "due date" and so on, before they go into longer strings or sentences, as I now see (in the Swedish translations) several cases where different translated strings uses different translations of these concepts.
Neither is it a simple matter of asking toodledo's staff to do a final search&replace on the final translation to settle on e.g. one of the options "mål"/"målsättning" (for 'goal'), as they have different gender and would require changes in some adjectives as well.*

*Yes, I finally found one case where there was a 9 character limitation for this particular string, invalidating the latter option, but I have not had the energy to go back and make sure I voted for/added the shorter in every single string...