Back up your brain on the go. Available on the Google Play Store

Toodledo on your Android devices.

Access the entire Toodledo Productivity System on your Android phone or tablet. Our native Android app automatically syncs to ensures that your stuff is ready anywhere that you need it.

All our products in one app.

Our official Toodledo App puts your Tasks, Notes, Lists, Outlines and Habits all in one place, right at your fingertips. Add content on the go, and sync with the website automatically.

Get things done, your way.

Record your thoughts and references.

Make a plan, give it structure.

Manage simple lists, or complex data.

Optimize your self improvement.

"Run my life with this app! Easy to use, customize, sync and make a part of your more productive life!"

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Supported Features

  • Tasks
  • Notes
  • Lists 1
  • Outlines 1
  • Habits 1
  • Hotlist
  • Repeating Tasks
  • Reminders / Alarms
  • Filter / Sort
  • Search
  • Folders / Contexts
  • Stars / Tags / Notes
  • Priority / Length
  • Start / Due Dates
  • Status / Goals
  • Subtasks 2

1 Requires Android 4.2 or higher

2 Requires a Silver Subscription or higher

Custom Widgets

Add custom widgets to the home screen of your Android device. Use multiple widgets to check different views within your task list.

What else can I do on Android?

  • Get notifications and alarms
  • Android share with customizable templates
  • Set up custom widgets

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