Tools to back-up your brain

Record your thoughts and remember your ideas.

With Toodledo Notes you can record your thoughts the moment that they come to you. Later, you can quickly sort and search through your notes to find those important ideas. Automatic syncing will ensure that your notes are ready for reference the moment you need them, on any device.

  • Record your thoughts and ideas
  • Format notes with bold, italics, etc.
  • Organize and search your content

Save your thoughts and ideas forever.

Toodledo will remember all of your ideas. Sort your notes into folders to better organize and style your notes with bold, italics, links, bulleted lists and other options.

Quickly sort and search for notes.

Need to find a note that you put into Toodledo? You can quickly sort your notes in a variety of ways, and search for a particular word or phrase.

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