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Toodledo is one of the most popular online productivity tools, with over a million users managing more than 100 million tasks. Our philosophy has always been to listen to our customers, provide excellent support, and continually enhance our service. As a result, over the last 11 years we have built a very powerful platform for organizing people's lives.

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Toodledo (pronounced "two-dull-due") is a small private company located in Encinitas, California (near San Diego). Toodledo was founded in 2004 by Jake Olefsky, a Stanford University and IDEO alumnus. Toodledo is self-funded, profitable and has grown organically to 7 full time employees and a handful of part-time contractors.


It is our mission to make tools to help people stay more productive and be more efficient. Here is a brief summary of our key productivity tools.

Tasks - The main component of Toodledo is the Tasks section. Here you can create a to-do list and customize it to suite your own particular productivity style. We have over 15 different attributes that you can track (priority, due-date, folder, location, etc) and dozens of customizable settings. You can sort, search and filter your list in powerful ways and view charts and calendars. You can get alarms for tasks that are due soon and use Toodledo's smart algorithms to help you prioritize your day. Subscribers can use subtasks and file attachments as well.

Collaboration - Toodledo has powerful collaboration tools to enable you to share portions of your to-do list with different people. Share your "Home" tasks with you spouse and your "Work" tasks with your coworkers. Reassign tasks to different people and manage other people's to-do lists, with customizable permissions.

Notes - In the notes section you can store long-form notes on any topic. It is a great place to store information that isn't actionable and so shouldn't belong on your to-do list. For example, you could store your favorite recipes, your resume, or notes on your million dollar idea. You can organize these notes into folders and format them with bold, italics, clickable links, etc.

Outlines - The Outline section gives you a way to organize your ideas by breaking them down into a hierarchical structure with multiple levels of nested items. Make an outline for a big project to help you plan and stay organized. Outline items can be checked off, toggled closed or rearranged via drag and drop.

Lists - The Lists section provides you with customized lists for any purpose. Use it like a spreadsheet or use it to create packing lists, dieting logs, or an address book. Make a list to remember your favorite restaurants, or keep an inventory of your coin collection. For each list, you can customize the number and type of columns, with more than 20 different column types to choose from: text, number, date, rating, price, etc.

Mobile - Our popular iOS and Android apps enables you to take your entire to-do list with you on the go and work offline. It supports the core functionality of our website and takes advantage of native capabilities: audible alarms, GPS alerts for when you are near a location with tasks, etc.

3rd Party Tools - One of our core beliefs is openness. We do not lock people into our platform. If you want to export your data someplace else, we provide a number of ways to do so. We also have a free Developer API that allows other people to make great apps on top of our service. To date, more than fifty 3rd party apps have been made to sync with Toodledo on every major platform.

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Apr 12 Maintenance April 12th 9-10pm PST

Apr 12Tonight (April 12th) between 9pm and 10pm PST we will be performing some planned upgrades of our servers to better serve you in the future. During this maintenance window Toodledo will be unavailable for approximately 20 minutes. We will post updates on Twitter and Facebook if anything unforeseen occurs that might prolong this window.
Apr 01

Progress Report - March 2015

Apr 01Here is what we worked on last month.

+ Removed jump when editing habits title
+ Re-styled consistent back button navigation in features
+ Created new back / forward calendar picker buttons
+ Redesigned modals and prompts to be completely responsive across home page and habits
+ Finalized Outlines redesign plans and schedule
+ Began implementing new responsive layout to Outlines
+ Updated Habits responsive layout to contain filter bar
+ Began conducting user research
+ Began concepting keyboard shortcut guide
+ Reviewed and monitored iOS Phase 1 Redesign progress
+ Finalized Android Phase 2 Redesign plans
+ Reviewed and monitored Android Phase 2 Redesign progress
+ Began concepting for Lists redesign
+ Began concepting for mobile Lists implementation for mobile browsers and applications
+ Upgraded Toodledo's main database servers
+ Working on allowing emoji and other characters to work in tasks/notes/etc
+ Upgrading Toodledo's web server for outlines, lists, habits and the API.
+ Improved Toodledo's SSL security
+ Added support for importing tasks from Google Tasks
+ Worked on Lists for iOS/Android/Mobile
+ Improved sorting in Lists
+ Investigated and began solving problem where some actions on Toodledo would fail due to faulty networking device
+ Fixed a bug where IFTTT actions were not getting the list of folder names correctly
+ Improved load time of our homepage and other pages on Toodledo
+ Fixed bug where incorrect account status was displayed when viewing a collaborator's workspace
+ Worked on redesign of subscription page
+ Began work on redesign of Notes section
+ Fixed printing of Outlines

+ Hide priority indicator if priority field hidden
+ Fixed bug where changing the fields used wasn't updating the drawer
+ Fixed bug where location based alerts were not taking filters into account
+ Allow Toodledo app to be installed on devices without location/GPS support
+ Better detect when the device is offline and don't warn about failed sync
+ Edit due-date and start-date now have consistent UI
+ Fixed bug where unused tags were still visible sometimes
+ Fixed bug where date picker was no longer a calendar on some devices
+ Implemented in-place editing for task title.
+ Implemented in-place editing for task notes. Added support for embedded links.
+ Implementing task note expansion/collapse.
+ Adding support for HTML.
+ Adding mini icons to task details screen.
+ More gracefully handle errors during sync
+ Implemented task detail row coloring based on fields/functions used.
+ Implemented in-place edit for task tags.
+ Started to work on Notebook list and detail edit redesign.

+ Fixed bug where sync on quit wasn't working
+ Final testing of Apple Watch app
+ Significant progress on redesign of app
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