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Cant find completed tasks or original notebook entries


Posted: Jan 06, 2012
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I had a task containing all the things I needed to remember to do before leaving the house on a trip.
A few weeks ago I moved the info to a notebook and marked the task as completed.
Today I was tidying up the notebook. Next time I looked at it, most of the contents were gone. I must have accidentally edited a deletion of most of the contents.
? is there anyway to see yesterdays version of this notebook page (besides having done export/backups?)
? When I searched 'recently completed tasks' I couldnt find the original task on this subject. As a subscriber my completed tasks should be accessible for 6 months, so is there some special way to search for it?
? I also had several travel folder tasks completed on this subject but I dont remember their names. Is there a way to search for all the completed travel folder tasks


Posted: Jan 06, 2012
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"Recently completed" shows tasks completed in the past 7 days.

You can search for any task using the Search function:

As long as you didn't delete the task, it will still be there.

Posted: Jan 06, 2012
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As a pro-subscriber I thought that my completed tasks would be available for 6 months not 7 days?

Is there a way to recall a deleted task?

Posted: Jan 06, 2012
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The list "Recently completed tasks" is for the past 7 days.

Your other completed tasks are available through the Search function by specifying "Checked off" = Yes.

You can't undelete a deleted task but you can see the task listed in Settings and then in the top left "Recently deleted tasks".

BTW, Pro subscribers can retain their completed tasks for 2 years: http://www.toodledo.com/pro.php

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Toodledo Admin
Posted: Jan 06, 2012
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There is no way to recover the previous version of a notebook that you edited unless you have your own backup.


You should be able to find the old completed task by searching for it, assuming you didn't delete it.

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