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Gmail filtering to create tasks via email


Posted: May 29, 2008
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I receive several weekly digest emails in my Gmail account. I'd like to read when in the appropriate context, and currently manually forward them to Toodledo with the @Home context tag. However, I would prefer to have Gmail automatically filtered them out of my inbox and send them to Toodledo with the context of "Home".

I can get Gmail to forward them to my toodledo email address and auto-create the task, but the only way to assign a context is to add the context formatting (i.e. @home) to the body of the email, which I can't do via a Gmail filter.

Any way (or plans) to allow context & folder assignment in the email address? e.g. myname.secretcode.context@toodledo.com

I know I can always just auto dump them in w/o a context and manually adjust during processing, but would love one less step. Between Jott, my iPhone and the FF sidebar, I am at near ubiquitous capture!

Toodledo Admin
Posted: May 29, 2008
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Thanks for the suggestion.

Posted: Jun 06, 2008
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absolutely love this idea...i could have my bills automatically filtered to my todo list when they become available. since usually certain types of emails (bills, notifications) are usually the same, allowing folder/context/priority (!) would allow one less step in the filtering of the inbox. would love to see nyname.secretcode.p.3@toodledo.com for high priorty or .c.context or f.foldername....could be really helpful!

Posted: Jun 06, 2008
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and this also could be the answer for filtering Jott stuff automatically. You could create a contact in jott "myname.secret.p.3@toodledo.com" and name the contact "High Priority" when you call jott and ask for "High Priority" then your task will be automatically filtered and instantly available to you on your hotlist.

Posted: Jul 09, 2008
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As a workaround until the ability is added to toodledo, here is an idea on how to use the saved search feature:

When you add a task by quickly forwarding it by email to toodledo, the task has a description without assigning values for all fields.
So set saved searches to look at tasks that are missing a due date, context or folder.

I posted an idea and screen shot here:

This message was edited Jul 09, 2008.

Posted: Aug 06, 2008
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I have done something similar using Rules set in Apple Mail (for OS X). Whenever I get a bill (which is usually from the same sender each month, and which usually has the same subject), I redirect that message to Toodledo. As has been mentioned, it still needs to be manually processed, yet the todo already has the link to the bill in the task's Notes.
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