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Posted: Dec 16, 2011
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great tip and functionality I did not know existed within outlook.

Thanks for sharing!!

Posted: Jan 05, 2012
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Has anyone tried using the gSyncit Outlook addon?

Posted: Jan 05, 2012
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Note- I get a script error (apparently due to google analytics) the first time the page opens, but after that everything works fine. minor annoyance.

Posted: Jan 11, 2012
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First of all, this solution is absolutely brilliant. THANK YOU for posting it!

I'm getting the same Google Analytics error when I try to set up the Toodledo item in Outlook tasks, so that I can go to go to very specific URL (such as

IE error message:
Line: 39
Char: 30
Error message: Unspecified error
Code: 0

Does anyone have a way to fix this? It's actually a pretty major annoyance for me since it defeats the purpose of having one-click access to Toodledo.

Posted: Jan 12, 2012
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I noticed that I received the error message when I had it go to a specific location (ie rather than just to

You can then set the default view to open in Toodledo to circumvent the error.

This message was edited Jan 12, 2012.

Posted: Jan 19, 2012
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Simple but powerful tip.

Thanks, dan.julian.

Posted: Feb 05, 2012
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Just Great, thank you. Would love to see native support for Outlook, though. Would give me better integration with mail and contacts...

Posted: Feb 22, 2012
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There is another way to integrate Toodledo into Outlook Today. It requires some set-up and generating a custom version of the outlook.htm file. Please see this link for additional information on this step.

I used an iframe tag to embed the Toodledo slim edition right on my Outlook Today screen. I use the winter theme, so it blends right in.
The code I replaced contained the string:
"TABLE border=0 name="TaskCol"

Replace the listed <TD> cells with the following line:

Posted: Feb 22, 2012
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I use gsync. I love it, but it is not free, and you need to pay for each computer you use.

Posted: Feb 24, 2012
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Hey- you said you're techno-incompetent! :)

Posted: Mar 01, 2012
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Great! Thank you for this workaround!

Much easiser than another web page opened - it is in front of my face at a simple click from the Outlook window.

I'm so appreciative!

Posted: Mar 02, 2012
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Very nice!

Posted: Mar 05, 2012
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I have been using (wrestling with, really) gsyncit for about 2 months. I have Outlook 2010 on an Exchange server at my work, and I send my Contacts and Calendar to Google and my Tasks to Toodledo so that I can sync everything up to my iPad and iPhone.

Comments regarding Calendar and Contacts are below, if anyone is interested, so I'll jump straight to my experiences with Outlook Tasks and Toodledo.

This has been so problematic that I have stopped using it for tasks and reverted to using the Toodledo website directly. Repeating tasks were reset to today's date (recent updates claim to have fixed this but I'm still having issues). Even though I set Toodledo as the primary, gsyncit kept letting Outlook tasks overwrite Toodledo tasks. I was constantly having to monitor the syncs for minor strangeness during synchronization. Finally, when Outlook/gsyncit started deleting chunks of still-active tasks in Toodledo, I called it quits. I was spending too much time managing just managing the system and data, and not enough time doing the stuff on my action list.

Bottom line: I looked at several of the solutions available, and gsyncit appeared to have exactly what I needed, but it still seems rather buggy for my situation.


Calendar works great. Contacts works so-so -- on my devices most of my 500+ contacts' address formats get mangled due to some U.S. vs. non-U.S. address formatting issue (could be due to my European employer's default Exchange settings, who knows). Frustrating for detail types like me (is anal-retentive hyphenated? let's find out) but all the data is still there, just not pretty.

Posted: Mar 09, 2012
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Works also on Outlook 2003.

Posted: Mar 20, 2012
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I have one question for this work around...

I am on a project team and we use the task view in outlook to keep up with each others work flow. If I use this work around will everyone be able to see my entire project list? Is there a way to only show projects that are work related and keep other projects like 'Home Remodeling' from being seen?

Posted: Apr 03, 2012
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Very sweet, nice job!

Posted: Apr 04, 2012
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This method works very well, thanks

Posted: Apr 13, 2012
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Thanks for this tip, it is simple, elegant and very effective. I use the full version of Toodldo in the Outlook window and it does exactly what I need. Thanks again

Posted: May 08, 2012
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I really like this, it's a super slick alternative to trying to Sync Outlook with Toodledo. I'm running Outlook 2007 and I've got the iCloud sync for my Calendar and Contacts. BTW, that's a different story and a different thread. :)

I keep everything synced between my iPhone, iPad and Outlook, and the different sync programs available for Outlook (currently I use Chromatic Dragon) don't quite work. You can't use Subtasks, entries are truncated, the priorities don't match up. In fact, just trying to map different categories to Outlook is enough to make me abandon Outlook all together.

This is the best possible solution, and I've started using it to eliminate the need to constantly monitor Outlook to ensure it doesn't overwrite my tasks (or fail to sync properly).


Posted: May 22, 2012
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Great solution!

In Outlook, when I hit the Tasks button, it automatically takes me to the 'To-Do Tasks' folder. How do I switch the default My Tasks folder to Toodledo?
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