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Topics Started by gideonkaplan
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Searching on pixel 4a causes app crash gideonkaplan 1 Oct 27, 2020
by gideonkaplan
Android app not working (not showing some tasks) gideonkaplan 2 Mar 30, 2020
by sentur
Date shortcuts when creating task not working as expected? gideonkaplan 1 Jan 10, 2020
by gideonkaplan
Voice Transcription to email Dead Simple Capture Tool Android gideonkaplan 1 Aug 16, 2011
by gideonkaplan
constant crashing when selecting done new task iphone gideonkaplan 1 Aug 06, 2011
by gideonkaplan
Server side data corruption last night gideonkaplan 2 Jan 12, 2011
by Toodledo
iPhone Processing tasks bar never completes gideonkaplan 9 Aug 27, 2010
by Toodledo
Is there a way get notified if a collaborator assigns u a task? gideonkaplan 2 Jul 18, 2010
by choffmann
iPhone v 2.0.2 not syncing on startup even tho set gideonkaplan 3 Jul 09, 2010
by Toodledo
Subtasks due today w/in project(w/ no due date) hidden gideonkaplan 12 Mar 07, 2010
by Homesick
searching on subtask, then click project icon hides all subtask gideonkaplan 8 Mar 05, 2010
by Toodledo
iPhone - Have badge show filtered task count, not all gideonkaplan 2 Mar 03, 2010
by Toodledo
iphone - a "Home" button on all screens gideonkaplan 2 Mar 03, 2010
by Toodledo
Can I get notified when another user completes an assigned task? gideonkaplan 4 Mar 03, 2010
by Toodledo
can u get an email once a task is completed? gideonkaplan 2 Nov 09, 2009
by Toodledo

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