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Posted: Jul 06, 2018
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So I took the opportunity to read all of the posts and to wish the new owners all the best. Jake, you built an awesome tool and I would suggest that it’s success has come from the fact that it is at the right price point. I have been a silver member for years and at my old company, I had my entire team using the software so That we could collaborate and track progress on our goals & objectives. In the upcoming weeks I will add my feedback as I do think the iOS app could actually be better.

Looking forward to see how it goes!

Posted: Jul 07, 2018
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Thanks, Jake, for the excellent work in all those years

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Posted: Jul 07, 2018
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Just another post of thanks to Jake for creating such a fabulous tool. Love it ! I only use fairly basic functionality but it is very hard to find tools that get these basics so perfectly right.

Posted: Jul 07, 2018
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Thank you Jake for providing the tool that kept me organised for the past nine years!

Posted: Jul 07, 2018
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Thanks Jake for the tool that has helped me keep the chaos away for years.

I also hope that the new guys wont break anything. It would kill me now having to change to another tool.

As a paid user for the last few years my one suggestion would be to redo the mobile app since it just doesn't give the same experience as the Web version does. On my mobile I want to see what I see when I am on the Web, but in a more responsive fashion.

In fact, I have actually paid for a third party app (toodleTasks Phone Edition) as my mobile client for Toodledo since it is so very much better than the official one. Sorry!

Good luck in the future in making the right decisions!

Posted: Jul 07, 2018
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May we know Ramon, Sam and Anan's surnames please? It all feels quite anonymous at the moment. Am curious also as to why no intro to Anan above?
Nick E

Posted: Jul 07, 2018
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Woo hoo, here we go. Time to start thinking about migration to Google Tasks or another equivalent before it's too late....

Posted: Jul 07, 2018
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Congrats guys!

I'm not a paying customer but I'm willing to take a hit with some minimal, non-privacy-invasive advertising. I had been registered for a while, but I haven't disciplined myself to leave pen and paper, or Google Calendar yet. For the last few months, the time tracking feature has been really helpful to me, and I hope that sees some improvement.

Thanks, and good luck!
-- Fahad.

Posted: Jul 07, 2018
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I am brand new subscriber.I have tried all of the task management apps. I need something that is cross platform, and has detail. I like the habits/notes/outline feature. Something I can put my whole life into and nurture over time.

Just some observations as a new user.

- The interface needs a bit of an overall. More modern with colour perhaps.It looks confusing for a new user.
- The IOS app isn't very good and needs a total redesign imo.I am using 2do.
- I like the Two factor authentication
- Like the reminders
- I think there is massive potential here. Toodledo has a rock solid foundation.I would imagine that Toodledo has an older client base.(I can't imagine any teenagers signing up as it looks at the moment). If you update the look with some smart design there is real potential to grow the platform.

Posted: Jul 07, 2018
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I am working with task managment software from the very 1st moment of their existence. For years, I made frustrating experiences, until I found my solution in Todo Matrix, for me the best task managment I ever saw, and I tested a lot oft them. For many years, TodoMatrix helped me to organize my tasks but unfortunately, it was a small group of developers and they stopped their service 3 years ago. I tested a lot of other solutions and the nearest I found, comparing to TodoMatrix was Toodledo. Not still as convenient as TodoMatrix but it did the job.
So I am a little bit worried what will happen now to Toodledo in the future. I hope they will stay up to what is WORKING
As professional in computers, I have seen a lot of companys coming and going, often the best ones went went down, as TodoMatrix did, essentially because of false decisions taken, often marketing-decisions. I have learnt one very important thing in Computers during my 30-year experience in computer-business:
Don’t touch a running System.
Saying this, I don’t mean that there are no changes to do. Yes, there are necessary changes, sureley one of the most important the update of the iOS app that is really really bad in design and handling. A really new written app is more than necessary. Imagine that most of users are mobile users. Maybe you will not see this in the statistics of usage of Toodeldo. For example for myself I use nearly exclusively the web acces because the iOS app is so bad. Before with TodoMatrix, I used at 90% my mobile devices! If tomorrow I find another Todo-App with the same features and a nice working iOS app, I will change immediately. This is not only a critic but also a compliment for Toodledo, because there is not yet a really equivalent solution on the market. But mybe there will be one in the future.
By all the work that has to be done, don’t forget your existing customers. An interface should be functional and easy to handle. Yes, you may add colors but if so, please make them customizable. Not everybody likes white fonts on black background with red titles. I have made this experience with many software in the past, they change the interface without giving the user a possibility to chose himself the colors, background ... And they are not realizing that the customer may look for an alternative software for this reason. A task-managment software is not a tool that is used occasionally and where such elements as design are secondary. Task-Managment is an everday-day-companion and it should be pleasant and easy to use!
Maybe more young people will use Toodledo with a colorful interface, but are they the (non-paying) customers you want to focus?
Every business must generate profit, Toodle-Do is definitively a professional business-tool, so if ou focus on this customer-segment, you can do a really great job, making toodledo the best tool avalaible.
So I hope you will focus on profit and keep Toodledo alive as it is and make it even better

Posted: Jul 07, 2018
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I would say that what keeps me with Toodledo are the following:

1. Most important - robust and granular options for repeating tasks. I use this all the time. Task repeats tuesdays and thursdays. Or tuesdays and sundays. Or every third day. Or every third wednesday. On and on.

I've not seen any other to do list software with this flexibility. Most repeat options are rather standard and wooden. MWF, every weekday, every third friday, and that's about it.

2. I'm comfortable with toodledo, having invested time in learning how it works. That's always the case with tools like this. Once you learn it, you don't want another tool you have to think about or learn again.

3. Fair price. Good price that fits my budget.

Bottom line for me: If #1 changes, then I become interested in looking for other options. If #1 stays and the interface remains reasonably stable or changes slowly, I have no motivation to seek elsewhere.

Posted: Jul 07, 2018
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Each time my subscription comes up for renewal, I scope out the alternatives and keep coming back to Toodledo. Please, please do not morph into one of the new frou-frou ToDo services. They're too fragile. To me, your stability over the years shows you're a cut above.

Posted: Jul 07, 2018
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Posted by BlueForces:
Each time my subscription comes up for renewal, I scope out the alternatives and keep coming back to Toodledo.

I do the exact same. There are other tools that have prettier UI's but nothing I've found has the flexibility and power of Toodledo. Toodledo lets me bend it to match my process rather than forcing me to bend to match its process like all the prettier tools do.

Jake, thank you for all the work you've put into Toodledo. It's been the central tool in my workflow for so long I can't remember a time when I wasn't using it.

Posted: Jul 07, 2018
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Many folks have already stated my feelings in detail (e.g. keep up the good work, don't screw anything up). I'm an optimist and will really be interested in how you can take this product to its next level. Good Luck!

Posted: Jul 07, 2018
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Was going to make this suggestion, until I saw that someone else had beaten me to it:
"Please create an easy and quick way to reassign all tasks not done today to tomorrow's date (with 1-2 clicks)."

Posted: Jul 07, 2018
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Is there a particular reason for not including your last names and the names of the companies you have started in the past? I'm inclined to be optimistic, but these omissions seem strange to me.

Dan Hotchkiss

Posted: Jul 07, 2018
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Thanks for the introductions and information about the transition.

Great job to the previous team.

Productivity apps are like sneakers --- you find a style and pair you really like, you run them till they fall off your feet and then you find out the company has a "new and improved" model that really is not improved ... it just hurts your feet. Not a perfect analogy, but I believe still apt.

Frankly, not sure that there is anything we can do about the problem with the pressures of making money and the technological "improvements" out there. No product fits everyone the same and no technology will stay the same.

Heres hoping this thing does not hurt our feet too much!

Ideas for improvement that come to mind quickly (none of them are deal breakers-- so do not break something to make them happen):
- Allow drag and drop of tasks - similar to 2day (this would include a calendar-like view with columns/cells for days)
- A bit more control over yearly and monthly repeat so it repeats on a particular day next year even if the due date has moved this year.
- Improved printing "views"
- Saved search easier to access in the interface
- A quick way of transferring outlines (from brainstorming sessions) to tasks
- The connection of Notes feature to tasks
- additional levels of projects, sub-projects, tasks (etc..)
- Interface with Evernote


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Posted: Jul 07, 2018
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I share Douglas's concerns. This is already the best "to do" app on the market today. I have tried every one that appears in all the "best" lists. If the business plan includes a hefty marketing effort to build a larger subscriber base, then I get it. I always tell people about Toodledo after they complain about some other productivity tool that they are using. There are a lot of potential users out there who have never heard of Toodledo.

However, if the business plan is to "fix" Toodledo, then I'm thinking you've erred in your research. For its ease of use and accessibility across platforms, it is already tops. (I access it on a PC, an Android, a Samsung smart watch and an old Blackberry.) To my thinking, the best feature is the customization. Toodledo probably looks different to every user, and we like the way it works because we customized it to be that way. I have a specific way of organizing my lists and notes and I love that Toodledo can be set up exactly how I want it. (Granted, I have to pay for a Silver Subscription to do that, but I am happy to do so.)

I can offer only a few small suggestions to improve:

1. When entering "due" or "start" times, write the code such that there is no need to type a colon in the time. It is a slight pain to enter a due time of 10:30 and have to hunt down the " : " to go in between the 10 and the 30. Google Calendar, for example, knows that typing 1030 in a time box means 10:30. A small change, but a nice convenience for those of us who use start times and due times, rather than just dates.

2. I think I already saw this above, but agree with the poster who requested an ability automatically to roll incomplete tasks to a due date of the current day. On busy days, I may end up with multiple undone tasks. They show up at the top of my list even if I have more pressing ones that are due on the current day's date. If they pile up enough, I have to spend 5-10 minutes going through manually to roll them to the next day or next work day or whatever. Lost time. Would love to be able to automate that.

Posted: Jul 07, 2018
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Thanks for creating Toodledo. It has stayed with me for last 8 years. Others came and went but nothing matches the detail and customisation of toodledo.
Best wishes for the new team but man you have made earth a better place.
Thanks again
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