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Posted Dec 01, 2021 in: Iphone app no longer works at all
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I'm having the same problem with the ios app not even opening before throwing me back on the iOS home page.

Stupid me - app had been running fine for ages on my phone and went and updated a bunch of apps and swept up toodle in that mass phone update. Not sure what version I was running before but the new version "worked" initially but ran as slow as molasses (as in I had to wait 4-10 seconds for the input keyboard to appear and then multiple seconds for each key I pressed to input text to appear one by one).

Now the app won't start up at all and I just get the Toodle white logo screen and then the app crashes completely.

Is there way to get access to the old more stable version of the IOS toodle app so I can just get back to where I was before?


Posted Nov 20, 2020 in: Qn: No support at [email protected]?
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Looks like there's no one monitoring support tickets at toodle.

If you go into the News > "We're back" forum thread, someone there in one of the latest posts says that when he submitted a ticket, it prompted back that there were some 243 open tickets in the queue ahead of him and response time would be about 2 days.

Back in the day, when I filed a ticket, there were perhaps 8-10 tickets queued up. Looks like nothing is happening there.

Posted Jun 10, 2020 in: We’re Back
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Posted Apr 01, 2020 in: We’re Back
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Posted by KBC1-Gold-Active:

Click on this link to join this independent discussion group on SLACK...

Hi KBC1-Gold

Without having been invited to participate in this Slack workspace, how do we participate?


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If you want to mass delete all of these, you can just go into the task search functionality and bring all those tasks up by searching on something like [due date] [is before] "2005" or whatever frames the set you want to get rid of. Then on the drop down menu, you can do a batch edit. One of the operations there is to delete the entire list.

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Posted Sep 14, 2019 in: Toodledo Update August 2019
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Posted by c5000nc:

Thanks Hayden. I also emailed Anant directly with similar thoughts.

Hopefully you heard something back from Anant.

Posted Sep 11, 2019 in: Toodledo Update August 2019
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Posted by Duo:

Well if the handling of the product over the last year wasn't enough to ring a warning bell for you, surely the antics over the last couple of months are a klaxon going off right next to your ear.

That's a hilarious turn of phrase. Wish things weren't the way they are. Wish all you old-timers with your huge wealth of knowledge were still happily here doling out your pearls as things were before.

Wishing everyone the best. I'm also saving exported backups very regularly. Hope I won't need them.

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Good point, Andy. I'll have to check next time.

I didn't use email to add tasks so when this was mentioned earlier, I discounted it as a possibility for how my garbage tasks were added. Had occurred to me that someone might have stumbled onto the sequence to add them themselves.

Only happened a handful of times all around the same time period ages ago (maybe 6 months to a year ago, possibly before Jake left).

Joel - Maybe you can check too and update on how your task was added?

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Posted Sep 09, 2019 in: Toodledo Update August 2019
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I can definitely understand why Marc feels the way he does.

That said, I also appreciate that Anant is still around and trying to keep this all alive. So, thank you for that, Anant!

C5000n does make some good points and suggestions. Personally, I've observed that Anant does sort of over-commit (but I think it is well-intended and not outright deception) so when he says he's going to get back to us with an update in a few days, I'd don't put much stock in that or really hold it against him when it doesn't happen.

Wish he had more resources to cover more of the many things on his plate right now, but it is what it is.

Posted Sep 06, 2019 in: Toodledo Update August 2019
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Posted by mjbernstein:

It's like watching a car wreck in slow motion
Then we have a report of tasks appearing directing people to suspicious websites

Hi Marc,

I think I missed when it was called out that tasks are appearing in user's tasks lists directing folks to other websites. That's really bad. Can you point me to that?

Is it this one from Joel? If so, he never really clarified what he meant by someone asking him for money. Do you know more?

New task appears - "Security Notice - Someone has access to your system

Train wreck - seems so - hoping perhaps we'll be able to stick with the status quo, at least.


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Posted by mjbernstein:
What is terrifying is there is no response from management and likely no one to really assess a security attack


Months ago, there were a couple instances where a random spurious task showed up in my task list. The task title was semi-gibberish.

I'm about 98% certain that there's no way that I could have accidentally entered and created those tasks. I was going to raise the issue but never bothered and chalked it up to some annoying (and concerning) system glitch that spewed out some noise. Went a away and have never seen since.

I just throw this out there because it seems highly improbable (to novice me) that there was a security attack. Of course, it would be nice if Toodle continued to be responsive here in the forums. However, we know that the operation is operating on a shoestring right now and Anant, no doubt, is utterly snowed under. Thankfully he did post in News recently that the official line is no intent to throw in the towel, at present.

For now, I'm just happy that the system stays up and no updates are rolled out that introduce any blocking bugs for me. Cheap lifetime subscriptions being offered on stacksocial et al seem to be a short-term money-grab and raise seemingly ("I'm an idiot for ignoring the writing on the wall not getting outta here) serious concerns, but for now I'll just ride this out and see where it goes.

Hopefully people with serious issues are still getting some response when filing support tickets. Haven't made it out to Crow Canyon yet (turns out it's a bit more off the beaten track for me that it would have been a couple months ago).

This is certainly an interesting (and saddening) ride to watch unfold . Would be most curious if anyone got a hold of Jake and his thoughts.

Ok, well, I think I've overloaded this with enough different, unconnected topics in a single post already for now...

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Hi Joel -

You're saying a new toodledo task popped up in your task list with the title "Security Notice. Someone has access to your system" ?

I certainly haven't had anything like that happen on my end, so it's not something forcing its way in ubiquitously from the toodledo environments being compromised, if that's what you were wondering.

Posted Aug 25, 2019 in: Feature Roadmap and New Pricing Plans
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Posted by Ummagumma:
... this whole situation makes me really sad.

Makes me really sad, too.

I'll swing by the Crow Canyon address in the next week or so and will update here.

Posted Aug 21, 2019 in: Anant, can you give us an update?
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@DrFrankBuck - me four

I can see on the list of topics in the forum section that DrFrank was the last to post 10 minutes ago. However, when I view this discussion thread, I do not see a single posting by him.

Posted Aug 21, 2019 in: Upgrade
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If you upgrade to a paid subscription, you should most definitely be able to see all your previous tasks.

To be doubly sure, just back up your toodledo environment first and if the tasks are not in your new upgraded env, you can do a restore and bring everything back in.

Posted Aug 21, 2019 in: Feature Roadmap and New Pricing Plans
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Posted by Purveyor:
For those who think that Toodledo is dying, web traffic has increased in the past 90 days:
Alexa traffic stats.

Well, perhaps it's all the users jumping ship and they're exporting their tasks ...

Also, unfortunately, there's no way to differentiate the breakdown between traffic from free users vs paying users. Only the latter would contribute to the bottom line of keeping toodle afloat.


That's great that Jake was pinged. I tried to do that last week but don't have a premium account on LinkedIn so messaging him was blocked. Add me to the list of people who would love to hear if he comes back with anything.

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Hi Bill,

Not that it's of much use to you, but just so you don't think this forum is entirely dead, Notes display fine for me on Chrome but I'm on Windows 10 and not a Mac.

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Posted by Rui Simoes:

No staff on forum?

I'm not sure why Anant G no longer seems to be posting here; a few weeks ago he had posted here saying that he would be more active and do more regular check-ins/updates. He did post something reasonably recently (aug 8) in the News section in the topic regarding the iphone beta app expiring.

It's also too bad that a bunch of the long-time/knowledgeable users who used to post/help/educate no longer seem to be posting, some, it seems, because they've moved off the toodle product.

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I haven't used batch edit in ages and am not sure if this is user error.

The "L" shortcut to select the set of tasks that I want to batch edit appears to do nothing. I am running on the new UI ( and can bring up the batch edit menu but it wants to perform the change on all tasks, since none are selected.

Is there an issue with using batch edit, or can someone remind me of the steps on how to select a group of individual tasks? I have shortcuts enabled and had thought I recalled typing "L or l" would enable a mode where mouse click on a task allowed me to select a set of tasks; the mouse clicks on a task now don't do that.

(Of course I can still utilize batch edit if I can construct a search to bring up the set of tasks to be modified, but the "L" selection was flexible)


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I guess there isn't a way to perform this search that anyone's aware of?

i.e. including a space at the beginning or end of a character string?


Also, I've always assumed (never found) any wildcarding in the search functionality. If any exists, can someone chime in on that too?

Thanks much.
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