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Posted: Jul 07, 2018
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Sam et al.

Further suggestion for your team: Due to the obvious passion in the ToodleDo user community you will want to develop really thick skin! :-)


Posted: Jul 08, 2018
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Haven't read through all the previous posts but besides a dark theme, having a ToodleDo "skill" for each of the various ambient AI assistants might be helpful to many users. I'm kinda a "Microsoftie" and I like to be able to set reminders and add tasks to Wunderlist using Harmon-Kardon Invoke Cortana. I'd rather do it with ToodleDo. I've set up ToodleDo to get Grocery List items and Shopping List items through IFTTT channels but it's kinda clunky. You can't create a new list on the spot. Using Note to Self in Android and the Ultimate To-Do List works reasonably well to add items to ToodleDo via the Ultimate To-Do List but there is too much manual interaction whereas with Wunderlist and the HK Invoke Cortana, you can create both an item and a new list for it to go into at the same time, all verbally. (Sorry, I haven't tried the Android ToodleDo app; it's so clunky, I hardly ever use it).

Don't know if the Ultimate To-Do List is for sale (to add to the ToodleDo stable) but by far, it is my preferred task management app. Some of its features and abilities differ from ToodleDo, like the ability to manually reorder tasks in a list just by dragging them. I think a good selling point of both ToodleDo and The Ultimate To-Do List is that you can use these apps as simply or as powerfully as one wants. I hope the new owners of ToodleDo if they add or change features will keep that it mind. A lot of users just want simple list-making/list-sharing as found in Wunderlist/MS ToDo as their starting point. It's wonderful to have the power of ToodleDo/The Ultimate To-Do List when you need it but an app that's easy to pick up when you first start using it will attract and keep the most users over the long term. For me, the reason I need/want ToodleDo above anything else is the ability to do very powerful searches, to save the search configuration as views, and then to do Batch Edits of a view as I need to (delete completed recurring tasks).

Posted: Jul 08, 2018
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Jake, thanks for all your work on Toodledo over the years! I wish you the best in whatever you pursue next.

Sam, Ramon, & Anant, I've been a Toodledo subscriber for nine years. It's not because of the extra features available to subscribers; I don't use most of them and could do everything that's important to me on Toodledo via the free version. I subscribe because Toodledo does the things I need -- a to-do list and notes that are available on the web and offline on my iOS device, with tagging, flexible task repeats, and capability for useful searches -- and does them so well that I'm willing to support the company to keep Toodledo running. As long as you keep providing those basics well, I'll be sticking around.

The only thing on my wishlist is for the iOS version of Toodledo to show today's tasks (or a task subset of the user's choice) in the iOS widget section, rather than the oldest tasks on the entire tasklist.

Posted: Jul 08, 2018
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Thank you, Jake; and welcome new owners. I'm a long-term paid subscriber and these are my suggestions:

~ Maintain current functionality
~ Maintain stability & up-time
~ Maintain customization ability
~ Maintain cross-platform & syncing ability
~ Implement additional security (i.e. encryption of static data on servers, appoint a CISO)
~ Step up marketing (and add support for the additional users that ensue)

Bottom line: Focus more on marketing and less on changing what isn't broken.

Good luck & keep us posted!

Posted: Jul 08, 2018
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Jake, I'd like to echo the responses of others here. ToodleDo has become the application that I "run my life" from. Your creation of a tool that has helped me (and so many others) get organised and accomplish more than I ever thought I could is a tremendous achievement and I am very grateful to you for what you have done over the years.

Thank you.

Sam, Ramon and Anant, welcome and the very best of luck with making ToodleDo even more relevant and useful over the coming years. It certainly is an exciting opportunity and I can see that your approach of working with the community is an excellent one.

I think one of the strengths of the platform lies in it's flexibility and the way users can customise their experience. I will certainly respond to your google feedback request with more information regarding these thoughts.

My only caution to you would be that users like me keep their life in ToodleDo. Treat us with care and patience, and always consider why we are using ToodleDo and not any of the plethora of other apps out there.

Good luck!

Posted: Jul 08, 2018
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Hi, I discovered Toodledo a few weeks ago and immediately signed off for a GOLD subscription as I have all my notes and todos in one place.

However I would be excited if a few features could be added in order that these services (task, notes,...) are not seen as silos but are interacting

For example if I am taking a notes during a meeting, there are action points to write down for me and team members

Would be fantastic, if out of note taking I could assign tasks to myself and to others

Also sharing could be done more granularly, I would like to share my Notes 1 with person A and B and not C but Note 2 with B and C etc...

Have not found out how to do so ?

Ah and getting a Note Taking editor where you could take easy notes and not have to use HTML codes for highlighting etc ;-)))

But as said it's a fantasic tool for which I am ready to pay for a subscription as it helps me organising my meeting notes and tasks ....

Cheers and kind greetings

Daron Brewood

Posted: Jul 08, 2018
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Posted by Sam:


I understand why you're worried. But as I've said in other places, no major changes are coming until we talk with as many users as possible. And, while we will make mistakes along the way, we will be transparent about upcoming changes and get your insight along the way.

You can always email me if you want to let me know any feedback or anything like that: [email protected].


Hi Sam that you have / are taking the time to respond bodes well for the future. Happy to talk if needful. If you want me opinions as an ex-UI designer, and a guy who has run mobile dedicated forums supporting Windows Phone, iOS and Android for 20+ years that is understands mobile productivity and interfaces yell out :)

Will be interesting to see where you go with Toodles!

Posted: Jul 08, 2018
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Toodledo is my goto app for tracking goals. It is amazing, I love it particularly for that feature. I have organized my life and accomplished many things over the years. with your app. Thank you. In recent years I have not used the "tasks" feature much and opted for a simpler single "Reminders" list on my calendar. I still use Toodledo for the goals which I usually review at least once a month or sometimes weekly. I also use it whenever I need to make a big list for something. It is hard to say exactly why I stopped using the Tasks except as I recall, switching to use it on my phone (Android) separate from my calendar was too cumbersome for me. It didn't seem to interface easily (at least for me) when I put the tasks on my calendar and/or I was just overwhelmed by the tracking and updating. I definitely look forward to updates.

All the best on continuing the growth and success of the app. Thank you.

Posted: Jul 08, 2018
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I've been using Toodledo for years. I appreciate many things like the handling, the different platforms (Browser, mobile, ....) and also the independence from big players like Microsoft. This contributed to my impression that my data on Toodledo is secure.
Now seeing that you start your activity with a survey on Google, my impression begins to change.

Posted: Jul 08, 2018
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Change is normally good, new brush sweeps clean and all that. I am fairly new to Toodledo, but after a lot of researching, it was the best option and I hope the changes continue to make it so.

Please, just don't do what Microsoft did with Wunderlist. Bought it, stripped it and produced a sub-par tool, with little to no decent features. They would have been better sticking their name on Wunderlist and leaving it alone.

I have noticed requests have gone unanswered (not implemented) for a while, so please review and it would be nice to see a future timeline of any changes you plan or are working on.



Posted: Jul 08, 2018
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Thank you Jake for your hard work since the beginning, and welcome to the new team.

I will keep it short: my only dreaming feature for Toodledo is Zero-Knowledge Encryption.
Not easy to implement, but invaluable with today trends of privacy violation.

Posted: Jul 08, 2018
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Thanks a lot for the great app you have created.

- so stable
- couldn't remember a time, it had let me down
- it is so versatile, it matches the need of many people

I wish you all the best for new endeavors

Best regards from Switzerland,

Posted: Jul 08, 2018
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I moved away from Toodledo about a year ago trying to find something with a more streamlined feel which was easier to view "at a glance". I tried a couple of apps - one which I stuck with for over 6 months - but have just come back to Toodledo. It may not be the most beautiful, but it's the most customisable.

I particularly missed (in other apps) being able to allocate an amount of time to each task, and then being able to see how much time it was all going to take. Also being able to see list of all tasks in "complete by" order (you'd think this feature would be in all the to-do apps, but it's not - most just show today's tasks and force you to swipe or tap on something else to see more). I also missed being able to get a sensible view of recently completed tasks - handy if I tick something off by accident, or want to check when I finished it.

So please don't take those things away ;-) I would like a "cleaner" interface, but not at the expense of useful features. I'd also like Toodledo notifications to push to my FitBit smart watch.

Posted: Jul 08, 2018
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Posted by Daron Brewood:
Guys this worries the heck out of me. Toodledo has been my go to productivity tool for a lot of years and across many platforms; web, iOS and Android. It is the only platform that meets my needs for organisational control.

Fingers crossed that you do not ruin the experience and keep me productive!

Thanks and good luck to all!

I hope so!

ADD functionalities, but PLEASE don't remove any of them.

Wish you luck!

Posted: Jul 08, 2018
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Hi Sam,

Congratulations to you and your partners in acquiring what I think is the most powerful personal online task manager, thanks to Jake's work in creating a robust, flexible platform.

Posted by Sam:
Don't worry...we don't have any major changes in mind, yet.
I worry when someone tells me not to worry ... ;-)
Over the next few weeks we'll speak 1-on-1 with as many of you as possible before we make any big changes.
I suggest you offer a financial incentive for these 1-on-1 sessions, perhaps a one-year extension of the current subscription. Still very little in relation to the time and effort required but it would be a nice token of appreciation.

Also, will you be providing a summary of your ideas for further development?

This message was edited Jul 08, 2018.

Posted: Jul 08, 2018
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Congrats - Ive been a user since reading the book "getting things done" all those years ago -
I have the widget for my Samsung/Android phone -
Toodledo, Outlook and my day planner (Im an 80's kid-cant break the pen/paper 100%, yet)...
I dont use toodledo to its full capacity - but what I do use has kept me organized for years!!!
Please keep up the GREATNESS -

Posted: Jul 08, 2018
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Jake and team: Let me repeat what others have said: thank you so much for all you've done with Toodledo. I couldn't have survived a high-tech job, a busy outside life, and writing on the side without it. You've done a great job and should be proud of it.

Sam and new team:

I filled in your survey, but as I browse through others' comments, I see things I should have added.

My use is 90% desktop (browser on Windows), 10% phone (not because of the UI, but because I hate typing on phones and find voice-to-text aggravating at times). I also like seeing things on a large monitor. I've looked at it on an iPad recently (through a browser) and it's not bad, though.

As two others have said, "Please create an easy and quick way to reassign all tasks not done today to tomorrow's date (with 1-2 clicks)." I often have a good list of things I hope to get done only to get sidetracked by something else. I'd really like a way to re-assign dates to different dates, not just tomorrow's date, because tomorrow could be booked up as well.

I'm also one that doesn't use some of the fancier features. I love the idea of habits, but find I just don't remember to update them. I don't use outlines. If I need to outline, I'll use Word or LibreOffice. I don't use Lists. Some of the ideas for lists are great, but I had already been using other apps for them when Lists came out and just never made the switch.

I enjoyed participating in the beta release a couple of times. I don't know if that was discontinued or if I just missed the announcements, but it might be something to continue.

Finally, Jake and team should be commended for the fantastic stability and uptime of Toodledo. It is so much better than Outlook or Yahoo Calendar, for example.

Posted: Jul 08, 2018
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Here are my feature requests:

- natural language deadline setting in task. "buy milk every three days"
- ability to edit formula for 'importance', eg so we can adjust weighting of stars for eg.
- easy access to static url links for custom views, folders and searches
- and yes, update all overdue to tomorrow would be nice.

This message was edited Jul 08, 2018.

Posted: Jul 08, 2018
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In reading all the posts, I realized 3 things:

1) I didn't thank Jake enough. Jake, I can't thank you enough. You have no clue how your tool helped this OCD task hoarder not go (too) crazy for many many years. And you did it with not enough financial incentive, and far too much flack from your sometimes-spoiled users.

2) I am probably not being fair to the new team. You see the theme of pessimism through our posts -- if you've been in or used technology for any length of time at all, you can probably relate to this. Please be kind to us. Please stay true to the tone of your introduction post. I'm betting that long-time Toodledo users will give you a chance to please us -- but we'll be the first to let you know when you're making moves that make us unhappy, too. It sounds like you intend to use that feedback in a productive way -- I really hope that you do!

3) I really want the ability to do advanced searches and then mass update based on other fields (e.g., set the start date on this subset of tasks to the current start date + 30 days); and I really want better handling of attachments through IOS. If I got the latter, I'd upgrade my subscription to include attachments, which are of no use to me without mobile access, but which could be of great use to me.

Staying tuned eagerly and trying to let optimism win over pessimism... and wondering if you now are having second thoughts about what you've gotten yourselves into!

LATE EDIT: Not all of us have or want LinkedIn accounts, so some of those profile links don't tell us much. Sam, as an ex-Harley rider, I'm much impressed by your motorcycle trip!

This message was edited Jul 08, 2018.

Posted: Jul 08, 2018
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In what country do the owners reside? In what country are the computer files, data etc maintained?
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