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Situation : One has a number of Projects (each with sub-tasks with varying start and due dates) and one has to keep track of all the Projects simultaneously and not slip up.

Solution: The Parent task (i.e. Project) shows a 'counter' when one or more of its sub-tasks come due (either start date or due date or manually starred).

Very much like the 'counter' on the TD Beta Calendar or the 'dots' in the TD Forum for unread postings.

Jake, is it possible? You proved impossible wrong by working out task counters for custom view saved searches. :)

Posted Oct 21, 2016 in: Easy links to local and web based files
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Posted by Ummagumma:
There's an easy way to create links to local and web based files in any Toodledo record.
I think in the later versions of Windows, you can skip #2 and just paste this into search / Cortana bar, but I can't check it now.

Hey Thanks! I right clicked on my file, opened Properties, copied file path from top of Security tab, and pasted in relevant Task Note.
Copy-Pasted back in Search programs/files at bottom of Windows 10 menu, and entered.

Works like a charm. Much Thanks!

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There is a bug in TD Beta.
Whenever I press the space button to type in a note or title, it jumps to the field headings and opens a menu instead.
I could not report this via Beta feedback, because when I typed a word and then used the space bar it opened a field menu instead.

Posted Oct 18, 2016 in: Number of Tasks displayed?
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Posted by Jake:
List counts for saved searches are coming soon.


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Posted by Jake:
Another way to do it would be to set the task to "-1 Negative Priority" when the cold weather happens and then use the filters to hide these. When warm weather comes around again, set the priority back to positive and the tasks will be visible again. You could do this with batch edit in one step.

You could also do this with the tag filter by giving each of these tasks a tag of "summer" and then filtering them out during the winter.

You will also need to reset the due-dates each season, but this takes only a moment.

Yes I have lot of sub-task checklists marked with negative priority which I surface when I travel to my country home or when I have a particular project that surfaces once or twice a year. It works well.

I even have my travel list and medical kit in sub-task checklists marked with negative priority, as my third party android app UTDL does not show TD lists.

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Posted Oct 17, 2016 in: Number of Tasks displayed?
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Posted by DSM:
Could the number of tasks displayed be moved from the bottom of the task list to the top of the list? I think it would be more obvious and useful there.

This is a good suggestion, particularly since turning on "List counts in Settings" does not work in Custom Search Views, which power users use a lot.
Kindly see if it can be incorporated because it would help me keep certain of my custom lists below a certain number of tasks.

Posted Oct 09, 2016 in: Aged tasks
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My two pennies worth : For the Forum to work well and be useful we probably need to keep comments :

1. short and to the point.
2. objective and fact based.
3. courteous.
4. we could ask for new features or changes in TD (and debate them strongly), but the owners/developers say is final. In the final analysis we can vote with our money and feet and are free to chose which apps we want to subscribe to.

Some of the power users (and commentators) may be a bit curt sometimes, but they have helped a lot of users in the TD forum over the years.

As I said, my two pennies worth.

Posted Oct 09, 2016 in: Recurring tasks
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Posted by garock:
Is it possible to NOT show repeating tasks in the iCal feed? It makes for a very cluttered calendar to have a repeating task appear on every day in the future, instead of only the current occurrence. My preference would be to have any dated task appear only on the next date, and then when the task is completed, it moves to the next occurrence.

Unfortunately, a TD event/s fills google calendar without end even if you set it for the condition "repeat on completion". There is no way, IMO, to use a daily repeating task in calendar (without filling every day of the calendar) unless either GCal or TD make an API change.

Posted Oct 06, 2016 in: Toodledo Roadmap Update
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Your subscribing customers are aligned and eager to test out the new features in the Task section!
Bring it on.

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Posted by janannons:
I am just about choosing between toodledo and some other apps for my todo.
For me this could be the tipping point when choosing tool to subscribe to.

I saw some request on this in Android app for Toodledo in 2014 so I guess the comment
"Saved searches will definitely be added to our Android app in the future!"
could mean years from now. or is there any plan when this feature will come to android?

Dont hold your breath. Waiting and waiting, and decision paralysis has an emotional and economic cost.
Just use the android app "Ultimate To Do List" which has good sync with TD and custom searches and more. I have been using it for 2 years.
The Toodledo android app can be seriously considered only once it has custom searches and calendar intergration.
TD needs to open up its API of Lists and Habits sections to third party developers, since it doesnt have time to concetrate on Android.

Posted Sep 23, 2016 in: How Far Ahead Do You Look
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To really be useful to me TD should allow me to SCHEDULE my day i.e. allow me to arrange my Custom Search Hotlist by Time of day or Intended Sequence of doing.

My Hotlist is currently sorted by Location, Star, Importance.

Star is important to me cos it allows me to decide which task I want to do today even if the other setting suggest it is less important. It also allows me to quickly bump up a task without wasting time fiddling with other variables.

The last sorting variable "Importance" however does not take into consideration that a task with an earlier TIMING is more important that a task with a later timing (even if all other variables are the same). This is a logic which needs to be corrected quickly to make TD more useful in scheduling.
Note: The "Start Date" and "Due Date" variables have this logic, but I would rather sort by the all encompassing "Importance".

Also, I would like the Priority numbering system to allow label changes at the user end so that I can use the Eisenhower system of "U&I, INU, UNI, NUNI".

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In the Android app "Ultimate ToDo List" I can set a Reminder for any date and time irrespective of Start and Due times, and make it Persistent too (though this reminder does not sync with Toodledo), so that it keeps reminding me till I get it done. I set it for a few "must do" tasks.

Just the Stars and this Reminder lets be bump up any task to my "must do list" without bothering to set other paramenters. Quick & Easy for the less meticulous.

I have always wanted a quick way to bump up tasks to my custom hot-list along with persistent notification alarms. What I still miss is responsive time scheduling by user shifting of tasks up and down in my hotlist. "Ultimate ToDo List" has this but Toodledo doesnt.

Posted Jun 22, 2016 in: Toodledo Roadmap Update
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Posted by mmghobri:
Ultimate Todo List is still the app of choice for power users of toodledo. Interface isn't the most "material design", but it has saved searches, as well as reactive widgets. Also interacts great with toodledo.

May want to give that a try, coolexplorer.

I have used UTDL for the last 3 years. I agree entirely with you. I particularly like the Nagging Reminders, two-way sync with GCal, Custom saved searches, and the new Manual sequence sorting (which doesnt sync with TD, but doesnt upset it either).

Would like TD to open up Lists, Habits, etc. for android app developers.

Posted Jun 20, 2016 in: Toodledo Roadmap Update
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The world (outside the US) is increasingly on Android. Mobiles are becoming the go to device.

If TD takes a very slow agonising journey to develop a good Android app with custom saved searches, it may be left behind by other fleet footed Apps.

I use and love TD, therefore the angst.

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Posted Jun 17, 2016 in: Calendar Scheduler 3rd Party App
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Would love to have a system where I can plan and view my TD tasks in a Calendar Diary format for Today (scheduled by hours am-pm). Maybe this Week and this Month formats as well but the Today Hotlist template would be most important / desired.

I would like to move / reschedule my tasks up and down and add / delete them in the calendar and it should sync two-way with TD and the Calendar.

This could be either via two-way sync with Google Calendar or within TD (i.e. a newly formated TD calendar).
I seem to remember that TD at one time had such a Calendar Diary format (which was discontinued).

I really feel that planning the TD Tasks in order of planned performance and their easy rescheduling during the day is a natural and intuitive way of working.

Hope TD developers can add this function as they are developing the Task area of TD.

Posted Jun 12, 2016 in: Add to Toodledo - Chrome Web Store
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Thanks for this chrome extension it addresses a real need, is quite polished and works well. Thanks!

Posted Jun 08, 2016 in: How to Time Stamp in notes?
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Posted by Bibletruther:
How do I easily enter a time stamp in notes for toodledo task?

"Texter" is a lite free opensource app that works in Windows, and can date and time stamp Toodledo Task Notes.
Just searched, installed and tried it after you queried. Thanks!

Posted May 31, 2016 in: Tasks Redesign (part 5)
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Posted by jimk222:
Just saw this application Sorted. It offers an intriguing UI and something for the Toodledo developers to ponder as they consider the evolution of the tasks portion of the app.......

Thanks for considering this as a way of brainstorming.

I too like the ability to manually schedule the tasks in my daily hotlist so that I know the order in which to do them in a busy day. The android app "Ultimate To Do List" has (due to popular demand) developed a work-around to do just this.
Hope we see this feature in Toodledo as the development progresses.

Posted May 21, 2016 in: Toodledo Roadmap Update
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Posted by Duo:
Thanks for the update, Jake.

Of the five key benefits that you listed three are things I have wanted for a long time: full encryption, decent mobile apps and responsive resizing.

The improvement in communication which occurred last year was the only reason I decided to give Toodledo another chance and the fall-off in communication was giving me cause for concern, especially with the major issues around the Android app (which may still force me to move on).

I would have much preferred that the efforts had been put into fully updating/rewriting the Tasks section first then the mobile apps rather than adding Habits and updating Lists Notes and Outlines, i.e. doing the most important things (in my view) first, but we are where we are now.

Do you have an ETA for the new Tasks section and Android app to be released to beta testers?

As I indicated above The Android app is a real issue and as far as I can tell no one at Toodledo actually uses this app as their main/only mobile app. If they did I can't see how the bug with subtasks creating a new non-subtask task for every change made on the app would not have been fixed ASAP rather then being allowed to persist for months. Due to this bug the Tasks section of the Android app would have been close to 100% useless for anyone using subtasks heavily.

Will there be a move to push notifications on Android? I find that the Toodledo app uses a lot more power (~2.5x) than other apps like Remember The Milk when handling exactly the same tasks.

Below are some of the other things that I would like to see from Toodledo in the not too distant future:

Really Need
Manual multi-select
Manual sorting of all tasks
Handling of Projects (no way to indicate them even using the GTD Status functionality)
Ability to turn off filters temporarily
A fix for recurring dates so that choosing a day like the 31st doesn't mean the task is skipped on some months.
Allow "day" to be a choice with recurring tasks - e.g. "the last day of the week/month/etc".
Indications as to which tasks are parent tasks (currently parent and subtask have the same symbol)
Deeper hierarchies
Multiple recurring dates for tasks, e.g. 5th and 6th.
Timestamp functionality in task notes

Would Like To Have
UI improvements - still some way to go here
"Pretty" non-US dates e.g. D/M/Y and not just for M/D/Y
Daily email reminder is sent out at midnight my time - not very useful. Needs to be configurable.
Transfer between tasks, lists, outlines and habits
Link tasks to habits
Time a task was completed and not just the date
Task comments with timestamp
A way to mark tasks that are in progress

+100 My thoughts and frustrations exactly....concisely put .

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I support the idea of customer defined sequencing of sub-tasks, not just for the task dependency feature, but also for basic scheduling of my day, particularly in my custom Hot-list.
In fact not just sub-tasks but all tasks in ones Hot-list should be able to be easily sequenced by the user through a drag and drop.
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