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Posted Mar 12, 2015 in: Tuesday Night Maintenance
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Thanks Jake, Faster is always Better. Emojis (in future) may be an interesting addition, particularly if you can sort by emoji. ;)

Posted Mar 10, 2015 in: Custom Priorities
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Posted by Jake:

If you are trying to manually sort your tasks by assigning each one a number, you can do this by putting the number in front of the task name and sorting alphabetically.

000001 Buy Milk
000002 Finish project

Come on Jake, that's just too much of a work-around. :)
What some of us need is a way of assigning only those tasks in our native and custom Hotlist to a specific sequence of tackling so that we don't have to reassess what to do next each time a task is done. Maybe just numbers from 1 to 20 for those selected for the day. The rest of the tasks can follow TDs inherent logic of prioritization.
I appreciate that it might be easier to request than to program as it could be an exception to TDs inherent logic.

As a work-around I sometimes apply a starting time without a date and sort them by that, but that takes many steps. It is OK for setting a daily routine, but not for simple tasks.

Posted Mar 05, 2015 in: Outlines to Tasks
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Posted by sethmoko:
Is it possible to export outlines to tasks, making all the items a task, or all the items at a particular level? This would be the best option. Failing that, can I turn an individual outline item (one-by-one) into a task?

That's an excellent way to quickly outline a project in all its dimensions and then convert it into tasks with status, reminders etc......if it were only possible

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Posted by Salgud:
I would much prefer that they add some fundamental task management features, such as sub-folders, task dependencies, etc, than yet another "tool in the knife".

+100 Task Mgmt Functions :
- Logical workflow : Role> Goal> Project> Task> SubTask> SubSub Task > Note (incl. sub-folders)
- Column of check-boxes for multi-selection (for applying functions)
- Two way integration with Google Calendar
- Native TD Task Calendar: Week or Month at a glance populated with tasks
- Task count in Saved Custom Views
- Desktop offline capability (with custom sync)
- Start time alarms
- Variable Task Snooze alarm
- Quick entry of new task parameters
- More sophisticated tagging
- Color coding options
- Android app Custom Views
- Task Time recording
- Integration with other APIs eg. Evernote, Google Keep, etc.

I know it is a long wish-list, but some could have been done if resources concentrated on TDs Task Mgmt function.

Posted Mar 01, 2015 in: Toodledo Redesign (Phase 2)
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PROBLEM: For me the biggest wastage of time in TD is when I want to change the dates or other parameters of a BUNCH of tasks in a project, or in bunch of subtasks of a parent task. I have to construct a 'new search' with correct parameters and then use 'multi-edit' to just update a bunch of tasks. In doing so I loose my place in the task list I am editing/updating, and have to go through the same rigmarole for another bunch having different dates/parameters. Too much trouble!

Suggested SOLUTION: Give us a column of different check-boxes so that we can quickly select assorted tasks and change them to a common date or other variable. This will make TD easy to use rather than requiring engineered workarounds.

When I am in a hurry I sometimes hesitate to use TD even though its powerful, because these workarounds are tedious rather than convenient.

Posted Feb 26, 2015 in: lists and habits synced to phone
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Posted by debincr:
Does anyone know how if lists and habits can be synced to android phones.

The native 'Toodledo' Android app has 'Habits'.
'Lists' will be introduced in the Android app by the developer once its functionality has matured to their satisfaction.

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Posted Feb 26, 2015 in: initial Impressions
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As mentioned above, SNOOZE function should be prioritized as it is a very useful function to help subscribers ensure a task gets done through a 'nagging reminder' on both the web and android app ......of course I get that function (and many others) through Android's 'Ultimate To-Do List".

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Posted Feb 17, 2015 in: Goals
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Posted by Brenda:
I want to be able to put my daily, weekly, monthly, short term, long term, lifelong goals, date specific goals in toodledo so that I can view them regularly. Is there a way to do this other than the Goals section which doesn't allow me to break them up by daily, weekly, monthly or date specific?

I would love to do exactly this too. It is the most logical flow, i.e. Role and Goal based rather than reaction based.
Time to put more resources behind the Task Manager section so as to delight your subscribers?

Posted Feb 14, 2015 in: Progress Report - January 2015
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Posted by garyo:

Although Habits is nice, I am afraid it is diverting important resources from the core product.

For me, it's got nothing to do with larger project management. I just am frustrated daily with simple things like no batch editing. Just yesterday I had a bunch (about 25) of sub-tasks, and realized I should make a context for them and move them to that context. Once I thought about having to go to each one, change its context, and make it not a sub-task... well I just gave up. So yeah, seeing TD implement new features, then have to fix the inevitable bugs in them and respond to feature requests there, while leaving what seem to me like holes in the main workflow, seems like diverting important resources. As a software engineer, my mantra is always bug fixes before new features. I get that not everyone works that way though, or maybe I'm the only one who's annoyed by all these little problems. TD is still head & shoulders above anything else.

+1 Strengthen TDs Task Manager features and capabilities Please. I (and others are) constantly on the search for the "best Task Manager". You are ahead but the competition is nipping at your heels.

Posted Feb 14, 2015 in: Pop up?
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Posted by clango:
Is there the possibility to pop up on the laptop a selected list of things to do.
I give you an example.
I choose 6 things to do right now at the PC. I put in this window that stays always up on whatever change of screen so to stay more focus?

Good Idea! A Chrome extension with a movable Panel view (eg.Google Keep and other Apps Panel Views) could be one idea.

Posted Feb 12, 2015 in: Toodledo Redesign (Phase 2)
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The Phase-2 design changes look good (more neat and professional).
A plugin Warning with read exclamation mark says "you can disable it if everything looks Ok. How? I cant get rid of it!
Excited about the upcoming changes in the Task section. Hope you add some color where it increases functionality :))

Posted Feb 12, 2015 in: About of space in the "task" field
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(1) Go to the extreme right beyond the last column heading
(2) Find the symbol which reads "Edit Column Order/Width"
(3) Adjust the individual column widths as per your preference
(4) Click again on the last column heading to save column settings

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Posted by natgross:
If you merge HABITS into Tasks, many problems can be solved. As follows.
A current shortcoming is the inability to mark and track recurring task MISSED. (Suggested workarounds are no good.)
If you think about it, ANY RECURRING TASK should have the ability to be completed as MISSED and graphed accordingly.
Voila! The entire HABITS section is obsolete! Why not build the habits chain for recurring tasks. Habits are simply tasks anyhow.
There is more to be said about this, but this is the basic idea.

An idea worth looking into by the developer, although it may upset some people who are just getting used to a separate Habit section. Integration between the various silos of TD could help ones workflow, specially on the mobile.

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You need to be a Subscriber to have more customizable Reminder Alarms based on DUE date/time.
Urgent/Important Feature Request : Would be great to have Reminder Alarms based on START date/time too so that TD can jog us to do planned tasks.

Posted Feb 06, 2015 in: Toodledo Redesign Plans
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Heavens forbid TD becomes Jack of all and Master of None. Drawing a diverse customer base and not meeting all their expectations could be .....

I support your idea of tight integration of all features rather than having discrete silos (without interconnection) that one has to jump in and out off.

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Posted by ma_021:
I've tried using Business Calendar and Business Tasks, and the latter gives me a great to-do list widget. The problem is I can't seem to get the due dates to appear as calendar events in the Business Calendar. .....I imagine I'm not the first person to ask for this :)
What I want:
-an easily check-off widget displaying the tasks I've entered in Toodledo so I can view them no matter if I'm on my Windows PC, mobile or tablet.
-the tasks + due date displayed as a calendar event for that day. The specific time would be good too but is not a demand.
-the calendar needs to have a widget with a monthly view

A lot of people use the Google eco-system extensively. Responsive two-way Google Calendar integration (as with the android App "Ultimate 2 Do list") has been requested for a long time. It is on TD's to-do-list but not on its Hotlist. Keep searching for alternatives to suit your workflow. ;)

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Posted Feb 03, 2015 in: Performance on PC Web interface
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Another option (for both complexity & speed) is to have a Windows and Mac Desktop application of TD. Unfortunately, I have not found the TD offline web site very appealing.

Advantages :
1. Local caching of ones database so that one can work offline (even if ones Wifi is acting up or on a limited plan)
2. Sync with the online program/database on a user defined Schedule
3. Option for users to opt out of some of the tabs (Notes, Outline, Lists, Habits, etc.) in order to have one responsive integrated database.

Eg. I find the Evernote desktop application more useful than its web based interface and use it throughout the day. Many Chrome Apps (Keep, Workflowy, etc) have now been made available offline as well.

Posted Feb 02, 2015 in: Progress Report - January 2015
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Jake, lot of work being done at a good pace and that is very heartening. Lot of effort on the UI (cheers!!) and Habits (expected since it is a new launch with features being developed/corrected).

I Look forward in future months to emphasis on the core USP i.e. Task Management Functionality eg. (1) Sequential Sorting of tasks (2) Task Multi-select (3) Sub-sub tasks ?? (4) Tag improvement (5) Visible Logical Connection of Goal--> Project--> Task (6) Tight Google Calendar integration (7) Optional TD calendar with Month, Week at a glance task entries (8) Task count for Custom Views (9) Make the Status field customizable or add an additional User customizable field, etc.

Some of these are long standing requests from your most ardent users who love TD.

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Posted Jan 30, 2015 in: Toodledo Redesign Plans
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The products / services that are at the top in their category have both top Functionality and a great Interface. Surely it is not a zero sum game. I think Jake is well aware of this and is making strides towards it (with the new UI designer). The issue is whether the resources deployed are adequate to the spreading demands (Outlines, Lists, Habits, Project Mgmt, etc).

Posted Jan 30, 2015 in: task sequencing
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Salgud, I get your point about different users using TD differently. As you mention above, TD automatically promotes the most important tasks based on Due Dates, Priorities, Status, etc. This works quite well for most of the database as one can promote a particular task into the final bucket i.e. "Hotlist" by changing one of those variables.
Manual sorting (sequencing) is probably most important in the Hotlist (as defined by TD or User-defined based on Custom Searches). I use a custom search Hotlist. I can see that given each users differently defined Custom Search Hotlist it might be difficult to introduce Manual sort (sequencing) only within the Hotlist, it may have to be done for the entire database.

The "elephants in the TD room" (IMO):
(1) The UI (being done)
(2) Manual sequencing of tasks
(3) Google calendar integration (quick task display, movement, deletion)
(4) Visual Logical connection between Roles => Goals => Projects => Tasks, etc.

If these "Elephants in the room" are tackled, TD will continue to remain the best "Power-users Task Manager" and increase its clientele.

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