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Posted Oct 25, 2015 in: Toodledo Toosdays: Calendar View
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We need something like this (but more refined) in the TD web Calendar and in the TD mobile apps.

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IMO whether an app is 'actively' being developed is not as important as whether it works well with all the Toodledo features and syncs perfectly. There are many apps which are 'actively being developed' and constantly updated because there are a lot of bugs and a lot of developmental work still to be done.

I have been using the android app "Ultimate ToDo List" for a couple of years and it has served me well. I am a power user of TD who does a lot of customization in the TD web, and I like the same reflected in my mobile android app. UTDL has some features that go beyond TD and are really useful (eg. 2-way sync with GCal, persistent reminders in my notification panel, easy custom saved search views setup, etc.

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This is a stretched work-around, and I don't know whether it is worth it, but you could (ideally with Custom Saved Search Views) :

1. Use a New Search for "tasks that are subtasks" and using "multi-edit" mark all subtasks as Negative priority. Mark important subtasks with a Star or Due date but keep the setting as "show = hide all negative priority tasks". This may unclutter your task list.

2. When you want to see all your top priority Subtasks in your Custom Hotlist you can quickly set "show = view all negative priority tasks" to reveal the tasks filtered out.

This method looks ridiculous and I have not and will not use this work-around, but it could set you thinking about bending TD to your needs. You could try a handful of tasks in a pilot trial to see whether it works.


Posted Oct 23, 2015 in: How do I multi-edit my Tags?
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Thanks. Appreciate that you cant do everything together, and that user perspectives and demands vary.
Enjoying the design changes at the moment. Hope TD goes from strength to strength.

Posted Oct 22, 2015 in: Repeating tasks and status
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IMO the TD Hotlist formula does not in any way take into account the Status of Tasks in its Prioritization, except for the difference between active and differed tasks. It only takes into account the Priority score, Stars and Dates (Start, Due and Overdue). Hope I am not wrong on this.
Thus the Statuses are useful for ones own Clarification and Planning of tasks before you assign them Priority scores, Stars or Dates.

I personally do not use the Status field at all as it involves too much work continuously updating the status of tasks in the flow of GTD. I just use Priority scores to upgrade / downgrade tasks, Stars to pop-up the days tasks, and Dates to mark Urgency and find my Overdue "frogs" those that I constantly delay.

I have incorporated a few statuses like "Clarify/Plan", "Waiting", in my Context field. I initially had my "Delegated Tasks" in Contexts, but have now moved them to Tags as specific peoples names or as "othersDelegate" in Tags.

Oh! I only use "Custom Saved Search Views" including views such as "!Hotlist", "Delegated/Wait", "Project+subtask", "Repeating Tasks", "xCompleted Today", "xNew Tasks", etc, etc. all based on my own definitions. The same carries over to my mobile Android App "Ultimate ToDo List".

Hope this helps.

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Posted Oct 22, 2015 in: How do I multi-edit my Tags?
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I am not going to hold my breath. I guess Jack of All wins over Master of One.

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Whew! Storm in a teacup. Change is an inevitable part of evolution. Rather than perish, the way to manage stress is continuous learning and adaptation.
"Stay hungry, stay foolish". :)

Posted Oct 21, 2015 in: How do I multi-edit my Tags?
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Question :

In TD using a "New Search" I can pull up a bunch of tasks sharing a particular tag. However, how do I using "multi-edit" remove all the instances of a particular tag without removing all other tags associated with the tasks? Making changes manually in each task is a bummer.

Feature request :

Across most contemporary apps (Gmail, Evernote, Keep, etc) "Tags" have become one of the most used and versatile ways of :
1. assigning multiple descriptors/variables to an entry (task).
2. quickly searching in a lengthy database for exactly what one wants.
3. quickly reassigning an entry or bunch of entries (tasks) to new categories/configurations.
Its beauty is that you can freely assign any number of descriptors to a task and pull up a particular combination you require.

What I am looking forward to is a redesign of the Tags function to make it more agile and powerful. Potentially you could dispense with all other fields. I am not asking for that but improvements such as
(1) Predictive entry
(2) ability to Sort not only on the first entered tag but also on a second tag or select a particular tag to sort on,
so as to make Tags in TD swifter and more versatile.

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Just click on the Priority Column Title "Priority".
Ensure that Keybord Shortcuts are enabled in Setting and then Press "W" to show or hide dividers.
Does that help?

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Posted by Timothy.M.Read:
Sorry about that. My mistake. The tasks don't actually appear on Google Calendar on the Web - well they do, but not immediately! If I add a task to Toodledo, or modify the date, it takes a long time to appear on the Web version of GC, and then never appears on the phone.

You are right. The Registration of a new TD Task or its Modification is not instantaneous in GCal. It takes anything between 2 to 24 hours for the TD Task changes to be in sync with GCal. This is because Google Calendar updates/refreshes all its ical calendar links (from time to time) on a schedule. A third party App has to work on the GCal API to force it to refresh immediately. TD does not do this yet, but some other third party Apps like "Ultimate ToDo List" (Android) and some other contemporary Task Managers work with the GCal API to make immediate two-way sync possible.

I have requested for this IMO important feature, and it is under consideration....

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I too included the ical link to Toodledo in Google Calendar. My tasks with Due Dates showed in the Web interface of Google Calendar.
It also shows perfectly in my android app "Business Calendar 2" once that calendar is selected in the android app along with my other 5-6 calendars.
It is not a problem with Google Calendar or Toodledo. Check whether the mobile app you are using has that facility and whether you have set it up right.
Hope this clarification helps.

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I agree with everything you have mentioned, although my set-up is a bit different (I constantly tweak it based on tips given by users like you). Like you I use Saved Custom Views, Stars to mark Today's tasks, and hide a whole bunch of fields. Currently I do use the Priorities field.

I am interested to know how you deal with Important but not Urgent tasks. You define the "importance" of a task "by the effort you must spend on it, and the timing of that effort". Isn't that defining the "Urgency" of a task? What about Importance i.e. the Impact of a task, its value in furthering ones Goals?

I have a few Important but not Urgent tasks which are Goal and Development oriented. They could potentially have a great impact on my life, but I must admit that I constantly postpone them to a later date. ;(

How do you tackle such tasks in your current setup? Once again thanks for your illuminating comments on your setup.

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Posted Oct 17, 2015 in: Userdefined Searches
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I have been using "Ultimate ToDo Lists" android app for a couple of years. I am very happy with it for the following reasons :

1. It syncs beautifully with the TD website.
2. Has practically all the fields and filters TD has.
3. It has the facility to easily set up Custom Saved Search Views and modify them more easily than on TD web.

Additionally (beyond TD) it has :

4. Alarms for Start Time.
5. Persistent Notification Reminders in your mobile device notifications.
6. You can decide which Tasks to show in the Calendar.
7. Two way sync with Google Calendar.
8. Light and Dark themes.

In addition to Tasks (To-dos), it has Notes, but it does not have Lists, Outlines and Habits.
It has an older but highly usable UX, not Googles Material design.

Note : Based on most frequent user requests compiled, the developer is soon launching a feature to Manually Sort Tasks. This will not sync with the TD website data, but will sync with devices such as Mobiles, Tablets, etc having "Ultimate ToDo Lists".

As I said earlier I am happy with its use daily on the go.

Posted Oct 08, 2015 in: Breadcrumb Bar Update (part 3)
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Overall great design changes :

1. The opened eye - closed eye looks good (perhaps add two more eyelashes to avoid the "cows udder similarity" mentioned by some users.

2. Love the fact that the eye has a Badge indicating the number of tasks hidden due to filters.

3. The Context and Tags text in grey are a bit hard to read for older aged users. Could it be in black instead of grey, and then turn entirely blue on clicking?

4. Under the Actions caret icon :
(a) The "Tasks Note details" could be better represented by the same note icons used in the spreadsheet (i.e. grayed out hollow note and black filled note).
(b) The "Dividers" could be better represented by the earlier icons showing open and closed bars.

5. Representation of Ascending or Descending order in Sort filters is excellent.

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The main thing offered by GTD is "peace of mind". For that to happen our system must be (1) Fail-safe (2) Relatively Easy to use (3) Focused i.e. only a few urgent-important tasks should appear in our focus at a time, based on the Day/Time and Context (opportunity of doing work). Energy is another dimension (I don't currently use because its one more subjective variable to enter).

I don't see a problem separating Work tasks from Home or Personal tasks in the system as I do not need/use Location Reminders and therefore have re-assigned the TD Location field from geographical locations to use as my "work-spaces" i.e. Anywhere, Work, HomeEvening, HomeWeekend, Outdoor/Errands, Travel, Computer, Phone (the last two can be put in Contexts, but one cant use multiple contexts so I put it here).

I use Custom Saved Search Views to only present what I want : !Pinned Daily, !Today Hotlist, 1.Inbox, 2.Next Tasks, 3.Delegate/Waiting, Frogs/Schedule, All Tasks, Buy List, Top WORK Tasks, Top HOME Evening, Top HOME Weekend, Future Schedule, Meetings/Appointments, Outdoor/Errands, PROJECTS (context), PROJECTS+subtasks, Repeating Tasks, xCompleted All, xCompleted Today, xNEW Tasks (last 3 days).

I do not use the Status and Timer fields but have incorporated "Waiting", "Plan/Clarify", "Project", "Idea/Reference/Hold" in my Context fields along with names of persons who I delegate to frequently and "Delegate Other" and "Buy".

In Tags field I have numbers 1, 2, 3, .......a11, a12,...a20. Also "Checklist, from Evernote, GCal (for events), IFFT, subtask, etc. I have mainly used the number tags to set up my onetime !Pinned Daily routine. Maybe too much trouble to keep fiddling with changing priority tags for other tasks.

I have many repetitive tasks as subtasks in various Checklists (Provisions, Travel kit, Medicine kit, Vacation home, Work Templates, etc) that are in my Checklist folder. All are marked low priority and are never normally seen unless I open the folder. I just Star them to pop them into my !Today Hotlist, and when I finish doing them I don't check them off, but just Unstar them so that they sink to the bottom until next needed. Starring IMO is the fastest way of selecting priorities (until tagging is improved). My New tasks come into my Saved Search Inbox with a Star and Top Priority. I constantly unstar and downgrade the priority of tasks so that I am not constipated with too many top next tasks.

This year there has been a flurry of design and functional improvement in TD. What I would love :
1. Tagging potentially could be the most powerful element since one can use multiple tags on a task. Currently I under-use it.
2. Would love to manually sequence my tasks for the day.
3. GCal 2-way sync and a "week at a glance" calendar in TD.
4. Start alarms, with an optional "persistent pestering notification".
5. Better integration of Goals and Habits within my Task list . (90% of the time I use only the Task list, as I also use Google Keep and Evernote)
6. Custom Saved Searches in TD android. I currently use the awesome "Ultimate ToDo List" which has most of what I require with a tolerable UX design.

Hope my description of how I use TD helps others clarify theirs. I must admit I am not 100% satisfied with my current system and am constantly tweaking it.
The awesomeness of TD allows me to!

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Posted Oct 05, 2015 in: How do I Freeze the TD Headmast
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Jake, it seems that you have made some display adjustment so that the TD head-mast now stick to the top of my laptop screen when the zoom is 100%. Thanks!

Posted Oct 05, 2015 in: How do I leave the note field in Tasks
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Posted by alexandremrj_123:
Simply press Tab to exit the field. Alex

Hey, I am a TD power user, but I missed that simple trick! Thanks.
That is where the TD forum come in useful. Everything tiny thing cant be in the official FAQs

Posted Oct 05, 2015 in: Calendar Schedule View
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Depending on the task one can set the due date to "due on" instead of "due by", and use the option to "not show future tasks". Some users may want the Start Dates of some tasks to appear on their Calendar, but I appreciate your view, therefore it should be an Optional turn on.

The android app "Ultimate ToDo List" allows you to specify which tasks to put on your calendar. Isn't that interesting?

Posted Oct 05, 2015 in: How to record it when I fail in a task
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For a substantial number of people actually Scheduling certain tasks helps as a reminder to get them done. This is particularly true of Important but not Urgent tasks.

As many experience users (Jake, Salgud, etc) suggest one should reserve Due Dates for actual hard Due Dates which should reflect on ones calendar.

For jogging one to start something on a particular day one may (with discretion) use the Start Dates to allow sufficient time to complete a time consuming task. The problem is there is no Alarm associated with Start Dates. The android app "Ultimate To-Do List" has an Alarm associated with Start Dates, and a wonderful "Persistent Reminder". One that clings to my mobile notification screen. I just have to complete that task or it keeps alerting me every few customizable minutes.

Would like TD to associate an Alarm with Start Dates and have an optional Persistent Notifier on the desktop and mobile (for some must do tasks).

Posted Oct 01, 2015 in: Viewing parent task in searches
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Posted by karl.berry:
....... subtasks and don’t make sense without the context of the parent task. However, clicking the icon then replaces the subtask with the parent task only and then I have to work from that position.

Some task managers I’ve used before have the facility to view a subtask with the parent task prefixed on the same line, for example: “Plan conference > Organise food”. Is that possible in Toodledo? ......

Great idea! Would elegantly clear a lot of confusion with subtasks (specially in inline mode) if it is technically possible. Even if the Parent titles are abbreviated to say the first 20 characters it would be OK, if they are shown fully in the pop-out on cursor over. Convenience and clarity would then continue to drive the design changes.
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