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It does... “I have no plan”.

Posted Dec 03, 2020 in: New iOS Toodledo beta release
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Posted by marcemobile_3:
My Gold Subscription died on 21 November and reverted to the Basic plan. I've lost access to Reminders and Attachments. With the free plan I am not able to post a ticket so I posted my issue in the forum, also wrote to and and still have not yet had a reply. Please can you help Anant G to restore my account?

Contact him on LinkedIn.

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Just realized that if you click on the little chart icon in the top right corner of poll results window, it brings up a pie chart, where you can see actual number of answers per category when you hover over it.

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That would fall under “other”. I will post results in a month... if there’s still a forum.

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I created a quick poll to see what people plan on doing given the situation at TD - what are you moving on to (or have already), or sticking with TD, or have no plan. Just for the benefit of our community.

Link to poll results

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Posted Nov 30, 2020 in: Toodledo still alive?
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Posted by cj:
you're a cold hearted, cynical, complaining prick.

I am turning into one, for sure.

Posted Nov 28, 2020 in: Toodledo still alive?
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Posted by Lenny_Wass:
Heard from Anant on Linked In. apparently some of the delay and silence is due to a COVID outbreak.

Jesus, poor Anant must’ve been hit really hard to not be able to drop in once a week... is his internet connection sick ?

Posted Nov 26, 2020 in: No Response to Requests for Assistance
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File c/c chargeback. The service is in agony, and has been for a while. At least you get some of your money back.

Posted Nov 21, 2020 in: Qn: No support at
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Ramon (remember that guy ?) still listing himself as “co-founder” of Toodledo on LinkedIn (not sure how you “co-found” a service that existed for over a decade before you bought it).

Anant is listing himself as an interim CEO,

Perhaps some LinkedIn feedback is in order ? :)

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Hidden behind the paywall.

Anyway, the "classic" GTD was created as a solution to a problem that no longer exists. Remember, all these virtual folders used to be literal hanging folders... there was no better way to keep track of dozens or hundreds of written / typed notes and tasks.

Now that everybody is keeping their computers in their pockets, GTD's complicated workarounds are way too complicated for many new users. But, the system still has lots of adherents entrenched in it over decades, and all these books and workshops don't pay for themselves ;)

Posted Nov 18, 2020 in: We’re Back
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Posted by pruden:
Will soon be signing off from ToodleDo, friends. The Apple Reminders app has come a long way and, while it’s far from perfect, it will meet my needs for a Do List. And it’s extremely unlikely to go away or become unsupported. I’ve transferred all my data over, and have been using it solely for about two or three weeks now. Actually working well, nothing lost. Peace and best wishes.

Mark Pruden


Check out GoodTask. It is using Reminders as a base. It takes Reminders to a whole new level, with saved filters, goals, and major interface improvements. The combination of saved filters and plaintext tags is a very powerful tool. Also an extremely active and responsive developer. One of the reasons I am seriously starting to consider switching from a PC to a Mac at some point.

Reminders had indeed come a long way, but I can't get past its total lack of any sorting or filtering (other than Scheduled and Flagged), tagging, and inflexible task display (too much space is allocated per one task, making it hard to navigate through long lists). This may feel different on a Mac or iPad, but on the phone, it's a limitation.

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Posted Nov 10, 2020 in: We’re Back
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Clickup has a lot of promise, but their mobile app on iOS needs much work. Very tiny fonts, no Siri integration, poor use of space, low contrast colors even in high contrast mode (some text is gray on dark gray).

After I signed up for a free trial, they bombard me with emails daily. But app hasn't been too intrusive. OTOH I am not really using it much as I hate having to strain my eyes all the time.

With better readability and Siri integration and Apple Watch app, I'd consider it more closely. If you're only using web or desktop version, it's a serious contender for a full blown task manager.

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A word of caution - when using MS Todo, do NOT also sync the same Outlook account tasks to Reminders. Something, somewhere, screwed up sync along the way, and it was a nightmare.

I was using ToDo for many months, and it's not a bad product. However, I eventually stopped using it, and went with GoodTask on my iOS devices, syncing to my MS Office 365 via Reminders. I lost the ability to sync attachments between Outlook and iPhone / iPad. I gained however the ability to combine multiple accounts in the same mobile app, recurrence from completion (sorely missed), the ability to sync subtasks with Outlook (*), the ability to have templated tasks with subtasks, location alerts, extremely powerful saved custom filters (views) that can be easily replicated in desktop Outlook using custom views, quick rescheduling of tasks, widgets, AW app, etc.

GoodTask still supports attachments, but they don't sync outside of app. It is running on top of Reminders, so it very neatly integrates in them. Take a look.

(*) the subtasks in GT look pretty much like steps in ToDo, i.e. they have a checkbox but no due date or any other attributes. What makes them really neat though is that when you add a subtask to GT, it shows up as plaintext in the notes field of Reminders. And it works both ways. So, if I open an Outlook task on my desktop, and type this into Notes field

[ ] Task A
[x] Task B
[ ] Tack C

In GoodTask, I will get three subtasks, with Task B checked off (completed). This opens up all kinds of possibilities for using templates, automated subtask population, etc. Also, subtasks can be dragged out to be copied into individual tasks, and tasks can be dragged (copied) into other tasks as subtasks.Also, using Conditional Formatting in Outlook views, I can see what tasks have subtasks (e.g. the tasks with [ ] in Notes field are underlined). A very neat system.

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Posted Oct 26, 2020 in: Delete account plus habit
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Posted by al_d3:
Hi, I'm posting here as apparently I don't have any support credits left after I made you aware that I still got DAILY Toodledo habit reminders after deleting my account.
The first time I contacted you was Nov-2019 #74599 - but the reply was that everything was OK from your part, but it wasn't
I then opened another ticket Apr 18, 2020 #75509 - this time the reply was that there was a bug in your system that didn't clean up the reminders after an account has been deleted, and you fixed it. But this isn't the case.

Now it is 25-10-2020 - I still get these daily habit email reminders that I setup up years ago, and the link that is in those email doesn't get me to the habit as it doesn't exist anymore. I even re-created my account in the hope I can just delete this reminder.

Could you please, as requested in the support tickets, delete that reminder so that I don't get any reminders from Toodledo.
I do get them DAILY. I then happily delete my account again.

Is there anything else you need me to do? I'm concerned that even though I deleted my account the first time around, there is still data left somewhere that sends me those reminders. This is a big privacy issue.


Unfortunately, the "resurrection" of deleted tasks has been a very long standing bug for me, even before the current owners took over. I'd delete all tasks, log in a few months later, and they somehow come back. Perhaps it has to do with some uncleared browser cache on one of user's devices.

At this point, I'd just block the emails from Toodledo and move on.

Posted Oct 15, 2020 in: We’re Back
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I was using ToDo on Windows and still utilize it for occasional web access, but on my iOS devices - which I use much more often - I changed back to GoodTask. It's an amazing app that uses Reminders data and plays very well with Outlook tasks when you sync them via Reminders. It has things like basic subtasks (like steps in Todo, but they sync to Outlook as simple plaintext notes, so very easy to use there as well), Start time that syncs with Outlook, location alerts, recurrence after completion, natural language entry, custom views with multiple filters, a basic tagging system (via the same kind of plaintext tags in the task subject that MS Todo has, so if you're also using Todo the tags sync between them, and of course they can be used to configure Outlook custom views and conditional formatting), a very well thought through interface that can be optimized for quick rescheduling of tasks to any day of the week, next week, next month etc., and a great Apple Watch app.

I also switched back from Todo to Outlook on my desktop. While it's not as pretty and modern, it is much more powerful & lets me utilize more of functionality provided by Goodtask.

What I miss:

- the attachments don't sync with Outlook. Goodtask supports all kinds of internal attachments, and it will show photos attached in Reminders to iCloud tasks, but no Outlook attachments. This is not a big deal as I use embedded Onedrive links if I want to have the same attachments on both systems.

- flagged Outlook emails don't automatically become tasks. On desktop, I can copy them to tasks just as quickly as adding a flag. On mobile, I set up MS Power Automate rule to copy flagged emails to tasks, but it takes a while to trigger. I need to figure a better way of doing this. (flagged iCloud emails do become tasks, so one way would be to forward the actionable email to an iCloud account, but then I still have to manually flag it, and it's too clunky of a process. I wish there was a way to set up a rule to auto flag emails in iCloud).

- Todo's My Day feature, but I wasn't really using it anyway. I don't like my Today tasks list disappearing at midnight.

One unique feature I gained is the ability to automate subtask creation. As I mentioned above, the subtasks in Goodnote sync with Reminders (and Outlook) as plain text. (The subtasks are really a checklist, just like Todo steps).

[ ] Active Task
[x] Completed task

So I can now set up templated subtasks, and even automate them using Autohotkey in Windows. I can also use subtasks in Outlook, add / delete them, change the completion status, and use conditional formatting to identify tasks with incomplete subtasks.

And, the developer is super responsive.

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Posted Oct 10, 2020 in: We’re Back
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Posted by CharleneTX:
Posted by Ummagumma:

Basically, seems like you've built your task management workflow around the specific feature set of Toodledo, which would make it really tough to replace it without adjusting the workflow.

Not quite. Manage Your Now is a workflow management system in the same way that Get Things Done is a workflow management system. Toodledo and Outlook tasks are customizable enough to use for MYN. Most of the apps I've tried seem to be designed for GTd, which I don't do. The closest I've found so far was Remember the Milk and I found it extremely clunky to use on desktop.

This system (and I am somewhat familiar with MYN) is probably more appropriate to call a workload or task management. But this is semantics.

To me, there's a task management system (principles of task management) that you use to manage your workload - be it MYN, GTD, or any other.

Then, there's workflow, which is the set of tools and processes you implement to support that system.

The system may set the principles of management, but it doesn't have to dictate the workflow tools. You can adjust your workflow to suit both a particular task management software or service and workload management system. In my case, I was heavily dependent on start date, and I just used Due date field for Start Date and Subject for Due date, so after that I am no longer reliant on the ever decreasing pool of task managers that support the start date, yet I still have this functionality.

There is probably a way to implement four priorities without actually using four priorities (Outlook only supports 3 anyway). There's a lot that you can do in Outlook using plain text tags and custom views and conditional formatting, the problem is none of this translates to mobile.

The thing is, I would not want to depend on Toodledo in long term because it's very doubtful that it will be there in long term. So, I'd suggest trying to work out a workflow that is not dependent on this particular service's feature set, unless one day you want to be forced to come up with it on the spot.

Posted Oct 09, 2020 in: We’re Back
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I tried Clickup. Unfortunately, I just couldn't get over their terrible iOS mobile app.Horrible interface with tiny, gray fonts on gray background that made me strain my eyes until my head hurt. No Siri support. No natural language entry. Slow, clunky, and glitchy.

On the other hand, it's very feature full and configurable, and if you stick to the web version, most of these complaints go away.

Posted Oct 09, 2020 in: We’re Back
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Posted by CharleneTX:
MYN is Start date based. But the other major problem I'm having is other apps have 3 priorities and I'm using 4.

Basically, seems like you've built your task management workflow around the specific feature set of Toodledo, which would make it really tough to replace it without adjusting the workflow.

Personally, - and this is very subjective approach - I only use two priorities, important and regular. The rest is all date driven. If a task has a hard due date, it has to be done, and can't be postponed, then the relative priority of that task is meaningless - it needs to be done, and it needs to be done by specific date. The tasks that don't have the specific due date, but must be eventually done sooner rather than later, are marked as important. The rest are all prioritized by setting the start date (using due date field). When that date comes, I will either work on them, or re-schedule (re-prioritize) them. This way, I really don't need to have the full feature set of Toodledo. Any service that has a due date, sort by subject, and (optionally) a star / priority (even if just a two-way toggle) works just fine.

Posted Oct 08, 2020 in: We’re Back
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Posted by CharleneTX:
I'm still looking for a good replacement. I follow MYN, not GTD. I've tried lots of other task managers and they're all lacking. I was seriously considering getting an Office 365 subscription so I could get Outlook Tasks, but Microsoft seems to be phasing that out, too.

MYN is all start date based, isn't it ?

The solution I came up with was to use Due date as Start date, and put actual Due date in front of subject. I also use a TgDue tag to indicate tasks that have actual hard deadlines. This way, I can sort by Subject and get due date sorting, and by Due date to get the order of execution sorting.

Like this:

2020.10.12 Task 1 #TgDue (Due 10/8) - task is due on 10/12, I plan to start on in on 10/8, it's a hard deadline

Task # 2 (Due 10/12) - task has no hard deadline, start (planned) date is 10/12

If you do most of your entry on a desktop, then adding dates and tags can be automated so you only type a short abbreviation.

Most of time I sort by due date (order of execution) and only use Subject sort if I want to see what actual deadlines I have coming up.

I've been using this approach for about two years now, and it worked just fine for me. It can be used with any task manager, which was the whole idea.

Posted Oct 06, 2020 in: We’re Back
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Posted by Stephen:
Thanks Ummagumma for the information regarding TickTick owner address. I assumed this but did not know for sure. As I am not using attachments a lot, I think TickTick is okay for my work.
I will also check the TD forum, at least for a while...

Posted by Ummagumma:
We’ve discussed TickTick here a few years ago. The domain owner address was registered in mainland China, the headquarters were, supposedly, in Hong Kong (which is still China), and they claimed that the foreign (or perhaps just American) users’ data was stored on the servers located in the US. Which means nothing when the people with access to these servers are in China.

So, I could not use TT, as I am dealing with some proprietary business data for work, and use attachments a lot.

I am using my own system that’s very simple and centered around due dates and plaintext tags. So far, it’s been working ok.

Can’t give up on TD forum yet...

It all depends on the kind of information you are comfortable with sharing, and whether all of this info belongs to you. Attachments are especially bad because they contain so much data, but then there are things like project locations, descriptions, people's names, product designations etc. A simple task like "Estimate for Magneto for Plant XXX due by 9/30" already tells someone that there's a product codenamed Magneto, Plant XXX is considered for production, and it's already in the estimate phase (so, depending on the particular company, if it has a fairly well defined product development process, you may be able to figure out the development phase and when it's about to hit the market). And perhaps the few names of people mentioned in other tasks relating to the same project may provide enough data for someone to figure out what kind of product it is. Which could be very valuable information for a competitor, or a company that would like the new product to end up outsourced to their plant and not XXX.

On the other hand, if you're dealing with less sensitive data, it probably won't hurt. If some foreign intelligence wants to know my deck repair schedule, all they have to do is ask :)
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